In the last week we've gotten an inside look at Naxxramas, updated Hearthhead, and learned about Silence Priest.

There's only been one major piece of new for Hearthstone players this week. The announcement of incoming deck import and export. We're obviously very happy to hear about this, but there are three other Hearthhead related things that you really should know about. So let's get started.

1) Brode Shares Initial Curse of Naxxramas Cards

Before Blizzard even knew that Naxxramas was going to be they started trying to figure out what potential cards would look like. Game Director Ben Brode shared an image of the team's first draft on an excel sheet.

2) Want Learn More About Silence Priest?

Our latest Pro Deck Comparison tackles the relatively new Silence Priest. We examine ten pro player decks, find out what the core cards are, talk about what tech cards are being run, and see what is able to be cut. 

Thanks to our partnership with, we also have some basic statistics available for each deck.

Plus, make sure to check out our all new Silence Priest guide: Silence Priest Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) .

3) Quality of Life Changes for Decks and Guides

After last week's major update, we've decided to make a few changes to better the user experience.

This includes more relevant links to, a relevant posts section, and the condensing of deck pages. The guide section now scrolls parallel to the deck list and we've moved the stats section below so you can get to the important information more quickly.

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