Among other things, Hearthstone crossed the 100 Tavern Brawl mark.

It's been a very slow news week for Hearthstone, but we've been hard at work on lots of good posts and articles for you all. We've broken down all seven days into three main points that you should take away.

1) We've Reached 100 Tavern Brawls

Now that the Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl is behind us we've officially reached 100 weeks of Tavern Brawls.

To celebrate Blizzard has enabled nine different previous Tavern Brawls including some fan favorites like Randomonium and Idols of Azeroth. The class that you pick determines what kind of brawl deck you'll get so there are a ton of different possibilities!

Note that the Warrior one is broken at the moment and awards Bananas to both players rather than just the Warrior.

2) Our Chinese Meta Bulletin Now Has Decklists

We wanted to release the Chinese meta report to the Western audience simply because the information is hard to find elsewhere. But we heard loud and clear from those who have little interest in that and the consensus was they'd be much more likely to check it out if it had popular decklists from the region.

We've done exactly that and brought five different decklists to the post from both tournament and ladder play.

3) The Best Hearthstone Decks This Week

Another request we've received is to have more high-level decklists on the site. On Thursday we rounded up 14 different decks from across the community that have achieved Legend with nearly half of them breaking into the Top 100.

Hearthhead Hotfixes

  • We've made it so that the card database displays in a similar manner as the collection in Hearthstone.

    • Cards are now sorted by class, then by mana cost, then alphabetically.

  • Hearthhead is looking for guide writers. If you're interested in helping out, please send an email to feedback[at]hearthhead[dot]com with writing samples and we'll consider reaching out to you. This is a paid opportunity.


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