The return of Clockwork Card Dealer marks the first time we've seen the brawl return since it originally appeared back on October 7, 2015, only 17 weeks after the debut of Tavern Brawls. A lot has changed then. Reno Jackson and friends came in the League of Explorers and now chaos reigns supreme with Whispers of the Old Gods. This has put a plethora of new tools at our disposal and there are a few decks that we've had a ton of fun with.

Today we'll be highlighting Deathrattle Priest, Renounce Warlock, and Holy Wrath Paladin.

The former of these was our first attempt at building a successful deck for the brawl. Zombie Chow and Doomsayer help make sure you're able to relieve any immediate danger while you start to stockpile more powerful cards. You'll want to hard mulligan for second copies of any of your midrange minions such as Dark Cultist, Piloted Shredder, and Sludge Belcher since you'll be able to draw something else on curve regardless. Assuming you're able to get any minions to stick on Turn 3 or Turn 4, it'll be hard for your opponent to get the proper answers in place before your deck starts spiraling out of control. Once you start getting past Turn 5 you have a lot more tools at your disposal including Taunts, Entomb, and Cabal Shadow Priest. If you manage to successfully do that Kel'Thuzad and N'Zoth, the Corruptor are great at firmly knocking your opponent out of win contention.

Renounce Darkness is a fun card but is oftentimes not competitive enough since you can't really get away with running 28 other Warlock cards since you actually have to survive until you draw it. Thanks to Clockwork Card Dealer however, you're guaranteed to draw it on Turn 2 as long as you aren't running any other cards at that mana cost. As such this deck is relatively simple. If you're going second, hard mulligan for a copy of Renounce so you can Coin it out. Typically a random class card is better than a Flame Imp, but if not, just play the Imp on your first turn and have fun with random, discounted class cards!

Holy Wrath Paladin, aptly named after Holy Wrath, has gotten much, much stronger despite the nerfs to Leper Gnome and Arcane Golem. Six additional 10-Cost cards were released with Whispers of the Old Gods and as such your Wraths are much more likely to deal high amounts of damage. Plus Molten Giant now does an additional five damage as well. Simply hard mulligan for that second Holy Wrath since you want to be able to play both to really pile on the pressure and you're all set!

Here are our final decklists: