If you've looked at the BlizzCon Schedule at all, you may have noticed an ambiguous event called Hearthstone Exhibition taking place on Friday. Today, Tempo Storm has revealed that it is indeed a special edition of Challengestone. At least most of it, there's also a show match between two popular poker players.

We are extremely happy to announce a special showmatch edition of Challengestone at BlizzCon 2015! This time, we are bringing some of the BlizzCon 2015 Hearthstone casters in the spotlight. They will have to compete not only in gameplay, but also in timed deck building with an interesting ruleset!
As per the usual, players will need to build three decks of three separate classes. In doing so, they'll have to adhere to a special rule (a la Tavern Brawl) and do so in a limited amount of time. Players of course may make mistakes and will be penalized for doing so. This usually consists of replacing the invalid cards with one's that are less than helpful and grow increasingly troublesome as more and more cards need to be replaced.

Competition will be best of three and best of five in a single elimination format.

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Friday, November 6th, 2015
  • Deck Building & Semifinals: 3:00 PM PST
  • Finals: 7:45 PM PST

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  • Frodan
  • Savjz
  • Amaz
  • Kibler

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  • Kripparrian
  • Reynad
The last Challengestone actually wasn't that long ago. And while this isn't a full fledged tournament with cash prizes, it's set to be just as entertaining. It should be a lighthearted bout with all kinds of silliness ready to ensue. What rule set are you hoping for? The last required all cards to be Epic, Legendary, or from The Grand Tournament.