All of this week's Hearthstone esports action.

Looking to watch some competitive Hearthstone this week but don't know where to start? Well, the good news is there's plenty to go around. The Hearthstone Global Games continue chugging forward while all eyes are on the upcoming China vs Europe competition that will once again pit the two regions against each other. Though China's Lovelychook took home the gold last year, Europe dominated with the next three spots.

Thanks to Reddit user Catnip645, we're able to bring you a comprehensive list of the biggest happenings around the inn. Everything that follows this point is taken directly from their original post.

This is a thread intended to compile information on all upcoming Hearthstone Pro tournaments, and noteworthy community tournaments for the week ahead (April 24th - April 30th).

For those looking to get into competing for the first time, I shall provide links at the bottom of the page.

Hearthstone Global Games

"In the Hearthstone Global Games tournament, teams from around the world go head to head to see which country is home to the greatest Hearthstone players on Earth, but there’s a twist – you decide who gets to be on each team!"

Back to TopHearthstone Global Games Phase One.

  • Weekly matches commencing April 11th.
  • Schedule(PDT/CEST): Tue: 01:00/10:00, Wed: 07:00/16:00, Thu: 18:00/03:00.
  • Prizepool: $300,000 USD.
  • Current Standings


The Global Games in currently in the 1st Group Stage, where all 48 competing teams are represented and will fight it out with only half the teams from each group advancing to phase two.

How to watch? -

Weeks Fixtures:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Japan vs Italy Norway vs Israel Argentina vs New Zealand
Belgium vs. Malaysia France vs Kazakhstan Korea vs Hong Kong
Russia vs Australia Czech Republic vs Belarus  
Ukraine vs Philippines Sweden vs Bulgaria  
Netherlands vs Thailand Greece vs Portugal  
  USA vs Romania  

Invitational Tournaments

Here listed are other headline tournaments within the Pro Scene, but due to their unique format or invitational structure do not contribute towards the Hearthstone championship tour. Nevertheless, these tournaments will usually combine high-level play with big name players/streamers and will make for exciting viewing.

Back to TopChina vs Europe 2017

  • May 4th - 14th
  • Schedule(PDT/CEST/CST): TBA
  • Prizepool: €215,000 EUR.
  • Trailer


The fourth edition of the popular CN vs EU tournament will see 8 of the best players from their respective region fight for both team and personal glory. The eventual winner can chose between a cash prize of €200,000, or a Ferrari California (a prize that this year, can we won by players from both regions).

How to watch? - TBA

Chinese Team

Dogggg lovelychook OmegaZero
XHope Trunks Hamster


European Team

Kolento Orange Pavel
ShtanUdachi StanCifka SuperJJ


Back to TopESL Premiership Spring 2017

  • Mondays, Beginning April 10th.
  • Schedule(PDTCEST): Tournament Commences at 11:00/20:00.
  • Prizepool: £6,500 GBP.


ESL UK is back with it's biggest season for Hearthstone to date, with 16 UK and Ireland based competitors battling it out for the title of Premiership Hearthstone champion. Players will battle it out through 5 weeks of swiss, every Monday before the top four players converge on MCM Comic Con in London for our live finals.

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Notable Players:

Board Control Cipher FalconeHS
Ness Jambre GreenSheep

Back to TopRussian eSport Cup 2017

  • May 4th - 11th
  • Schedule(PDT/CEST): TBA
  • Prizepool: $11,000 USD.


"The Russian eSports Cup 2017 is a Russian esports event. The competitions consist of Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA 17 and Hearthstone"

How to watch? - Russian Stream


Want to get Involved?

For those new to competitive hearthstone, but who want to compete, a huge number of online cups are available for you to test your skills in. Some of these will even reward points for HCT Qualification (the official and most prestigious Blizzard run tournaments). For details, I advise checking out

For Fireside Gatherings, check here to find out if any events are happening near you.


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