The Aggro Paladin deck is nothing new. It has been around for quite sometime as the Control Paladin has slipped in popularity in a huge way. At this point people have tried almost everything to make Control Paladin work, from Giants to Watchers, but it just hasn’t been consistent enough to grind ranks on the ladder until a recent version that reached rank 1 legend. I always ended up coming back to the Aggro Pally when trying to demand retribution and then something happened.

I was playing an older version of the Shockadin deck when I came across a player by the name of Viix. He appeared to be playing the same deck as myself so I prepared for the mirror match up when all of a sudden he dropped Lorewalker Cho on me. I looked at my hand and noticed I had no way to clear Cho with out casting spells and suddenly I realized I was playing a God. I dropped a recruit and passed and then I got hit with a bombshell. King Mukla, followed by Divine Favor. It was glorious. Viix is love, Viix is life.

In this article I’ll go over the deck I made immediately following my shellacking by this Hearthstone mega-mind and how to play it. I can honestly say it is one of my favorite decks in all of Hearthstone and it always catches people off guard. It also wins handily against Miracle Rogue and Handlock and does decently well against almost everything else, making it a great deck for the ladder. Enjoy!

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Viix is God

Blessing of Might x2 - this a bad card that only finds value in decks like this. Use it for face damage in most cases but sometimes you can use it to trade up with tokens.

Noble Sacrifice x2 - the only good Paladin secret (sorry, Eye for an Eye) comes in very handy to protect your 1 health creatures and get a bit more damage from them. It is not ideal to play on turn 1 so you can mulligan this if you have no 1 drops

Abusive Sergeant x2 - this card is in the deck to add more face damage but again, you can trade up with tokens to remove threats and taunts

Argent Squire x2 - the ideal 1 drop in this deck. You can buff it and get damage in early and it also makes the perfect Blessing of Might target since it is more likely to get value from the extra attack power than an unshielded target

Leper Gnome x2 - the aggro staple. 4 damage guaranteed. Often times you can get that last bit of damage you need just from his death rattle. Who doesn’t like giving big hugs with a leprous, dagger-wielding gnome.

Equality x2 - this card allows Avenging Wrath and Consecrate to clear entire boards and swing games back into your favor and since most of the minions in this deck already have 1 health it can be played at any time. This allows you to deal with concealed Gadgetzan Auctioneers and taunted up Mountain Giants. I will usually take a bit of damage to set up huge value boards clears with this card.

Bluegill Warrior x2 - cheap chargers that can be buffed with Blessing of Might and Abusive Sergeants. Keep these in your opening hand as they allow you to start getting the damage going quickly which is a big deal with this deck.

Lorewalker Cho - while our deck does have a good amount of spells this card does a few things for you. When you cast Divine Favor with a Cho on board the other player receives a copy of the spell first so you get an extra card. Also giving spells to the other player can be a positive for you if you can follow it up with Divine Favor. Be careful just throwing him down though if you do not have a plan or if there are no other threats on board for the opponent to deal with.

Divine Favor x2 - this is the staple of the deck. I have been able to draw 9 cards for 3 mana and that, my friends, is known as value. Setting up big Divine Favors is not simple, however. If you have it in your hand you want to start dumping cards quickly even if you are not using the Divine Favor the same turn. Mukla gives 2 Bananas to the opponent which gives you 2 extra cards so that’s another tool to get extra value out of this card. If you can draw 4 or more cards with this it is very hard to lose at that point.

Arcane Golem - we only want one of these as it cannot be used early on in the game but 4 damage for 3 mana is great as an extra finisher along with Leeroy. Mulligan this card out of your opening hand as it is a card you want to draw into rather than start with.

King Mukla - in most decks giving Bananas to your opponent is a bad thing and makes Mukla an unpopular Legendary except for a few special cases. In this deck the Bananas are an advantage as they mean more cards in return. Mukla is also great on turn 3 or turn 2 with the coin and can give you a huge tempo lead that can lead to easy wins.

Wolfrider x2 - this is a card you want in your hand early. Wolfrider is another early charger allows you to start getting the damage going early. Not much to say here. It’s a 3/1 with charge. Pretty self explanatory.

Truesilver Champion x2 - 8 damage for 4 mana is a huge deal and the healing can allow you to keep putting the face pressure on without fear of your own demise. You can also use it to clear taunts and allow your creatures through but in this deck you will be hitting the face more often than not with this card.

Consecration x2 - allows the big board clear on turn 6 with Equality and also gets a bit more damage through to the face. I call this card Conse-Great!

Hammer of Wrath x2 - this card is one that I have considered taking out for other options but it does do damage and cycle through the deck to help find those Divine Favors and Leeroy. 4 mana is a lot for only 3 damage, unfortunately, so while it can be effective there are other options to consider which I will discuss at the end of the article.

Leeroy Jenkins - this card is too good. Tack a couple of Blessings of Might on this guy and you can hit for 12 with 6 mana. Leeroy is the best finisher in the game by far and drawing him often means you win in this deck.

Avenging Wrath x2 - the highest cost card in the deck but the most satisfying to cast. This card kills concealed Auctioneers about 64% of the time (or 50/50, it does or it doesn’t) and combined with Equality can clear most boards. It also allows for some finishing face damage that can get past taunt. If you equality first you can find lethal on turn 8 in a lot of cases.

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The ideal opening hand is Leper Gnome/Argent Squire, Bluegill Warrior and Wolfrider/Mukla to consistently apply face damage and force the opponent to deal with each threat as it hits the board. It can be tough to convince yourself that it is correct to hit the face instead of trade but 95% of the time you need to be hitting the face. This deck is all about putting damage on the opposing hero each turn and if you do not the clock may run out before you can kill them. That said you do sometimes have to trade to stay alive long enough to finish the job. This deck will almost always be trading up, however, which is another reason it is effective.

Allow the opposing board to fill up a bit and then get big clears with Equality and Consecration to swing games. Try to avoid using that combo on 2 creatures or less. You do not have a lot of ways to clean the board so you want to get value out of these cards. It can be scary to take some extra damage but you have to have heart and go for the big value plays.

This deck has some very fun plays and can be extremely frustrating to play against but it does have its weaknesses as well. Multiple taunt minions cannot be dealt with without Equality and if you do not draw Divine Favor there are no other ways to draw outside of Hammer of Wrath. I have recently even included Tinkmaster Overspark as another way to deal with concealed Auctioneers or as a fun way to get a 5/5 and 3/3 on turn 5 with hero power and yolo Tink. I honestly have more fun playing this deck right now than any other and that to me is more important than anything else in Hearthstone.

I have included a link to some gameplay from a recent Twitch session of mine. I was able to go from rank 9 to rank 5 in about 3 hours playing this deck on stream and had a blast doing so. Let me know if you play it and how that goes in the comments below. Next week we will tackle another version of Paladin that has recently become popular as our good friend Kolento has reached rank 1 legend with it.

Link to 3 hours of gameplay

Job’s done!