As more and more Grand Tournament cards are getting revealed, it's time to consider how some of these cards will fare in certain decks. One of the classes more desperate for some improvements is the Shaman that has seriously been lacking thus far. One of the core reasons is that it relies so heavily on randomness and that Overload as a mechanic usually doesn't get quite enough value as it severely hampers the next turn. Totem Golem however, looks to change that.

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It's hard to believe, but there is only a one Shaman creature to play on turn two at the moment. Even with Overload, aside from Whirling Zap-o-matic and defenseless totems, there isn't another minion in its arsenal that costs a net of two mana.

So along comes Totem Golem, a two mana 3/4 with Overload 1. And while it might seem a bit broken at face value, compare it to Spider Tank which doesn't see much play outside of Mech Mage.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a more control oriented Shaman as right now the only feasible archetypes are Mech and Midrange Combo.

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Draenei Totemcarver is a four mana 4/4 that gains +1/+1 for each friendly totem. This basically makes it a one mana cheaper version of Frostwolf Warlord which does see some play in Arena. That said, it's a lot harder to have a field of totems specifically. Ideally you'll have two totems on the field, making Draenei Totemcarver a four mana 6/6 such that it can dodge Big Game Hunter. That said, removing one mana from it's cost doesn't make it broken as most players clear Shaman totems as it is, let alone when the totem synergy comes in with the Grand Tournament.

I wouldn't expect to see this played much in constructed.

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This three mana 3/2 that summons a random totem is probably the hardest to judge right now. All of the totems currently available are:Obviously you'd take a Mana Tide Totem or a Totem Golem any day. But the hero power totems are generally only worth half a mana, meaning barring any specific circumstance, you're generally losing out on value. We'll see if more totems are revealed that would be good to come out as a result of the Battlecry however. Assuming they have good stats, it'll only make Tuskarr Totemic even better.

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The Thunder Bluff Valiant is guaranteed to be good in Arena as six health means it can usually survive at least one turn, even if you can't activate its Inspire on the same turn it was played. The same is true to an extent with constructed, but it's unknown as to how the meta will shift due to the Grant Tournament.

These buffs are permanent, unless silenced, so Thunder Bluff Valiant does have psudo-taunt as your opponent will need to clear it as quick as possible unless they risk getting too far behind. It's probably one mana from being very good. It does have the stats of Water Elemental which only costs four mana, so right now it's just probably good. It is worth noting that the totem that generate with your hero power to activate Inspire does receive this buff.

Right now it's easy to see that Blizzard is pushing the whole totem thing. It'll be interesting to see whether the current Shaman archetypes: Mech and Midrange will see any additional love outside of these cards that could see inclusion. Unfortunately, the class did get the short end of the stick on the Justicar Trueheart buff which lets you choose which totem you summon with your hero power while all the others got quantifiable increases.