If you at all tuned into the Hearthstone World Championships this time last week at BlizzCon, you're probably aware of exactly how crazy the matches were. The Semifinals were incredibly close with both series going to the full five games. That said, here are the decklists from your top four finishers. You should be surprised to note the diversity that is present, something Kripparrian says is due to the fact that simply bringing your best/favorite three decks isn't a winning strategy.

Back to Top2015 World Champion - Ostkaka

Back to TopSecond Place - Hotform

Back to TopThird/Fourth Place - Thijs

Back to TopThird/Fourth Place - Kno

Want to update these to include some of the cards released yesterday? Forgotten Torch is a great Freeze Mage card and can take the place of any of the secondary cards you're missing. Dark Peddler has also found a great home in Zoolock decks as it helps keep your hand from running out and the board full of minions.

For a complete list of decks from the Top 16 at BlizzCon, check out the Hearthstone blog.