With another deck making focused Tavern Brawl, we're back to take a look at what the community has made up and recommend ways for you to steal some wins away from your opponents. As a reminder, there are a ton of Tavern Brawl decks, but we're only going to be highlighting a key few.

Because if the nature of this Brawl, summoning an equal cost minion whenever you cast a spell, there were two classes that jumped out at everyone: Priest and Druid. The former of which looked to be the strongest initially.

As you can see in the first deck, Priest has a lot of high cost spells which grant a lot of tempo on top of generating large minions. Druid however, is a very spell reliant class with cards such as Wild Growth, Power of the Wild, Soul of the Forest, and many, many more.

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SpooCQ's Annoy-O-Wynn deck was the first to gain major traction on Reddit. Between grabbing cards from your opponent, casting the Shadow Words, and major tempo cards like Mind Control and Shadow Madness, it's just an annoying deck to play against.

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If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that Flamestrike is absolutely broken. When it reads, "Clear an entire board and summon Gahz'rilla," or "Clear an entire board and summon Archmage Antonidas." Yeah, that can certainly win you some games. If you're unsure what minions could possibly be summoner, you can sort creatures by their cost

User Jerek offers their own input for some strategy,
Try to save Counterspell and Spellbender for turn 5 or later, when big spells start to come out, so you can better disrupt the enemy.

If you have a Dragon's Breath in hand, remember that casting other spells to kill something could potentially make this playable the same turn!

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Finally we have the broken Druid deck that basically everyone is playing now.
Power of the Wild can buff the minion it summons, along with Soul of the Forest and Poison Seeds. Savage Roar will also buff the summoned minion.
Babyhuggs' version doesn't run as much late game with only one Nourish, Soul of the Forest, and Force of Nature. Many Druid decks do run two of those simply because Innervate, Wild Growth, and even occasionally Nourish, allow them to ramp so quickly that no other class can keep up.

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