In some ways Hearthstone is similar to Pokemon: it's lighthearted, cheery, and oftentimes silly. Though it's fun to think of the awkward and colorful minions doing battle, behind all of these jovial interactions lie some truly unsettling realities. These ten cards in particular aren't something we'd ever want to come across.

Back to Top10. Dreadsteed

Crescendo himself summoned this steed, riding it to victory in the Grand Tournament. Wherever he rides, an army of riders ride behind him, supporting the legendary champion.
More than anything I'm just really uncomfortable with the concept of a horse that continues following you no matter what. Even as you sleep it lurks in the shadows watching you from afar waiting to strike. *shivers*

Back to Top9. Ball of Spiders

Nope. Nope. NOPE. Just no. I don't want any spiders near me let alone a ball of them.

Back to Top8. Shadowfiend

Hopes to be promoted to "Shadowfriend" someday.
Laugh it up Shadowfiend. You say you want to be friends but look like you're ready to take a bite out of my face at any moment. And no, you can't have a hug.

Back to Top7. Siphon Soul

You probably should avoid siphoning your own soul. You might create some kind of weird infinite loop.
This just looks like a very unpleasant experience. I do prefer my soul to be in my body, thank you.

Back to Top6. Wilfred Fizzlebang

He can summon anything, even a FEARSOME DOOMGUARD*.
*He's pretty sure this is going to work out.
It's not Wilfred Fizzlebang himself that's scary in the slightest. Instead, I'm more worried about Lord Jaraxxus looming behind him. I feel like he doesn't have the best intentions for our buddy Wilfred here...

Back to Top5. Abomination

Abominations enjoy Fresh Meat and long walks on the beach.
Abomination looks gross. But the golden version of it looks even more disturbing. Just on the basis of ooze and pestilence he'd be a little much to deal with. On top of that he looks set on revenge and explodes when he dies. And I'm not cleaning up that mess.

Back to Top4. Fen Creeper

He used to be called Bog Beast, but it confused people because he wasn't an actual beast. Boom, New Name!
At the very least I'd hope the ground beneath my feet was safe. Of course it isn't though. This girl's about to find that out the hard way. Watch where you fish kids.

Back to Top3. Faceless Manipulator

The Faceless Ones are servants of Yogg-Saron, and they feed on fear. Right now they are feeding on your fear of accidentally disenchanting all your good cards.
While having your collection disenchanted is a legitimate fear, in person I'd be more afraid of Faceless Manipulator getting too close. I don't know how it becomes copies of things but I don't want those tentacles anywhere near me. I get unnerved just thinking about it.

Back to Top2. Floating Watcher

"Evil Eye Watcher of Doom" was the original name, but marketing felt it was a bit too aggressive.
Not only does this minion have tentacles, but it also flies and has multiple eyes and a gaping maw? We have one word for that, "NO!!!"

Back to Top1. Deathwing

Power incarnate indeed.

What do you think the spookiest card in all of Hearthstone is?
(The right answer is Deathwing, I mean really)