After the last three weeks we've finally reached The Spire atop of Karazhan. Now all we have to do is get through two more bosses, recover Medivh, and save the party!

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This is where Medivh opens portals to far off lands. Now Netherspite has no master to watch over him and he's continued to experiment.

Netherspite - Summons portals on the battlefield to empower himself. Block them with minions and steal away their bonuses!
Shade of Aran - An old crone who seeks to keep visitors out of Medivh's private chambers.
UNKNOWN FINAL BOSS - Who stands between you and victory?

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There are a few special interactions that you may encounter this week! Try them for yourself or catch them in our videos below.

Netherspite: Angry Chicken, Unstable Portal
Shade of Aran: Crackle, Annoy-o-Tron

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Medivh equips the legendary staff Atiesh!
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