You can earn your Blue Portal card back today by defeating the final Heroic bosses in Karazhan. These ones look to be a little more challenging than the rest we've encountered thus far, so you might actually need some help taking them down. Heroic Netherspite can actually kill you in two turns flat unless you know how to play the early game correctly!

Thanks again to HSReplay for providing the Heroic AI decklists!

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Hero: Shade of Aran
Hero Power: Ley Lines
Class: Mage
Cards: Arcane Blast (2), Arcane Missiles (2), Arcane Explosion (2), Frostbolt (2), Mad Scientist (2), Medivh's Valet (2), Counterspell (2), Flame Wreath (2), Ice Barrier (2), Looming Presence (2), Fireball (2), Water Elemental (2), Avian Watcher (2), Blizzard (2), Pyroblast (2)
  • Since you're smarter than a Heroic AI, you generally just want to keep throwing all your spells at Aran's face. It's not like he can realize he's in a spell damage race.
  • Hard mulligan for those spells.
  • With the right spells, you can practically ignore anything Aran does unless he has a Secret in play. If so, be careful not to waste a good spell because of Counterspell.

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Hero: Netherspite
Hero Power: Nether Rage
Class: Mage/Druid
Cards: Arcane Missiles (2), Claw (2), Arcane Explosion (2), Arcane Intellect (2), Looming Presence (2), Mulch (2), Terrifying Roar (2), Bite (2), Nether Breath (2), Polymorph (2), Swipe (2), Nourish (2), Starfall (2)
  • This boss is easily one of the most difficult to date in Karazhan. Unfortunately, there is a pretty game breaking bug that causes him not to attack when Voidwalker is in play to the right of the Blue Portal.
  • Taunt minions to the right of the Blue Portal.
  • Charge minions to the left of the Red Portal.
  • Be careful and understand when Netherspite can play his powerful spells which remove your Taunts.

Back to TopHeroic Free Medivh!

Hero #1: Nazra Wildaxe
Hero Power #1: The Horde
Class: Warrior
Cards: Execute (2), Upgrade! (2), Cruel Taskmaster (2), Fiery War Axe (2), Frostwolf Grunt (2), Heroic Strike (2), Slam (2), Bash (2), Looming Presence (2), Warsong Commander (2), Wolfrider (2), Death's Bite (2), Kor'kron Elite (2), Mortal Strike (2), Arcanite Reaper (2)

Hero #2: Prince Malchezaar
Hero Power #2: Legion
  • Sorry, no one turn kills on Prince Malchezaar! Nazra will simply execute your minion and then Malchezaar will play Twisting Nether.
  • Counterspell can actually stop Twisting Nether from being cast!