The Heroic card back rewarded for defeating One Night In Karazhan in Hearthstone's most difficult AI challenges is absolutely fantastic this time around. You'll want to unlock it as soon as possible and that means taking down The Parlor's troublesome minions. We're here to provide you with winning tips, tricks, and decklists that are capable of eking out a win and earning that check mark you so desire.

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Beating Prince Malchezaar is all about utilizing your deck to the fullest. Here are a few tips to follow:
  • Hero power when you can. Three cards is a huge advantage and helps you keep your options open.
  • You'll probably need an early board clear to stabilize. Try to use Arcane Power and Arcane Explosion together.
  • It's not the end of the world if you do so, but try only casting the best spells when you have Archmage's Apprentice on the board.
  • You're going to have to take risks to win, luckily for you the AI doesn't always make the best move.
  • A lot of this comes down to what legendary minions you get from Astral Portal. Hopefully you have good summons!

Back to TopSilverware Golem Heroic

Warrior is king with all of its weapons, board clears, and minions that prosper against tokens.

Back to TopMagic Mirror Heroic

Yet again, token generation means Warrior and Grim Patron reigns supreme.

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The challenge here is not that you can out value and eventually beat The Black King, you'll need to be aggressive and be more than just good as he has many, many more cards than you do.
  • Pass on Turn 1, he'll always play two pawns and you want to have your minions in be in a board state where your minions are in between theirs, giving you two attacks per minion.
  • White Queen is incredibly important, and unlike before you now only have one of her in your deck. Protect her at all costs!
  • Make sure to move your White Bishops to get maximum value out of your minions, you really need them to survive.
  • Your victory largely depends on drawing the queen first. You don't want to keep it in your opening hand, but without it you'll lose. Play her on the right and try to keep her attacking face!
  • Wipe out the enemy queen on the turn it's played or you'll likely lose.
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