It's now been just over a month since The Grand Tournament released and it's safe to say that the Arena meta has finally settled down. While many debate how influential this expansion was for Constructed, there's no debating that's a solid mark has been left on the Arena scene. The general class rankings have shifted just about everywhere, but here's our own take on which ones you should be prioritizing.

Back to Top9. Warrior

Blizzard has to hate Warriors in Arena. Almost all of its Grand Tournament cards are situational and rely on other cards for them to be worth playing. Only the rares could be considered sometimes playable and those aren't nearly as good as other class rares to begin with. Outside of Varian Wrynn which you'll maybe see once ever, Warrior only proceeded to get even worse. RIP.

Back to Top8. Priest

We almost feel like Priest should be ranked higher but the truth is we just can't. Even with a slower Arena meta, there's just not enough grey area with the class. Either you have a board presence and win or you're behind and lose. Holy Champion is a fantastic threat but problems with the class itself means it can't knock Warlock down a peg.

Back to Top7. Warlock

You would think Warlock was ranked higher than this but The Grand Tournament simply wasn't kind to the class. Just about everything it got was mediocre or actually terrible. Fearsome Doomguard is the lone exception, especially if you get it from various RNG cards like Bane of Doom.

Back to Top6. Hunter

Secrets have always been one of the Hunter's strengths and though Bear Trap has added to that, it's still not the same tier as Freezing Trap or Explosive Trap. Another common, King's Elekk can be huge if you win the Joust. Overall, Hunter just didn't get a huge boost to its quality of Arena cards.

Back to Top5. Shaman

Though Shaman has its own tier alongside Rogue in Constructed (at the very bottom), it also got some of that early game it has historically been lacking. Totem Golem and Tuskarr Totemic have proven to be great at getting a board presence and keeping it while other rares like Thunder Bluff Valiant can help seal the game for good. It also doesn't hurt that Healing Wave is a semi-common option at gaining significant health.

Back to Top4. Druid

Living Roots is an okay common for the Druid, but it's the rares where it really shines. With less immediate answers in Arena, Darnassus Aspirant really shines and can put things out of control. Value is the tale of Savage Combatant which isn't quite as good as the common Fire Elemental, but still manages to help Druid get the job done. All things considered, it certainly could have been a better expansion for Druid, but it also could have been much worse.

Back to Top3. Paladin

Two of the three TGT commons for Paladin are fantastic in Arena. Murloc Knight stands as a significant threat that keeps looming if you don't take care of it immediately. Seal of Champions gives you a chance at a great trade and a rather large tempo swing. Those two were enough to perhaps nudge Paladin over Mage, but due to the super high quality of the Mage commons throughout Hearthstone, we couldn't quite give Pally the edge.

Back to Top2. Mage

Forever valuable thanks to the one damage ping, Mage hasn't really gotten worse as much as it is Rogue simply got better. Whereas a lot of the Rogue's new found power comes from common TGT cards, Mage has only Flame Lance since Effigy and Polymorph: Boar are gated behind the rare quality. Not much else changed for them with The Grand Tournament, though Fireblast is one of the best hero powers to activate Inspire.

Back to Top1. Rogue

Rogue itself got some very good class cards in TGT including Shado-Pan Rider and Burgle. If those weren't strong enough by themselves, the common Buccaneer and Undercity Valiant have had a huge impact on the aggressiveness of the class. In the past, Rogue's slow starts gave it some issues, but now it has the same amount of firepower and a way of taking complete control from the beginning. With Blizzard giving TGT cards a 25% higher chance at appearing in your draft than any other in the collection at the moment, there are a lot of opportunities to grab up these valuable cards to help solidify your board presence.

Note: This is easily one of the hardest classes to play in Arena. If you don't think you can pull it off, go Mage or Paladin.

What classes have you seen the most success with in Arena since The Grand Tournament launched? I've always been partial to Rogue from the start, so I've been frequenting it even more!