Unlike previous tournaments, Blizzard has made every single competitor's deck from the upcoming European Spring Preliminaries available. This means that not only do the viewers know what to expect, but so do the players. We decided to take a look at all 484 decks from the 121 players that were invited on points alone, therefore leaving those out that still are yet to secure a spot through the European Tavern Hero bracket. In essence we're narrowing our search field down to the best of the best, those who have already proven their skill by racking up HCT points through ladder play or other tournaments.

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Though Whispers of the Old Gods, Standard, and the latest round of nerfs all ended up being the demise of Priest on the ladder, it hasn't gone anywhere in professional play. Charts represent the number of each class and what percentage of the field that makes up, respectively.


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While our chart below only includes the top 10 (simply because there are so many), the spreadsheet on the right shows all of our entries, but there are a few things worth noting when looking at this information:
  • As we've found, the lower a player is on the points list the more likely they are to be running N'Zoth Paladin.
  • Ten of the Miracle Rogues (16%) and five of the Freeze Mages (16%) run Malygos.
  • The Control Warrior category includes Elise Warriors.
  • We do not differentiate between Renolock and C'Thun Renolock.
  • There are two major variants of Tempo Warrior - those that run Varian Wrynn and those that run Arch-Thief Rafaam.
  • Five of the six Tempo Mages (83%) also run Yogg-Saron, Hope's End.
  • Three of the Ramp Druids (50%) are running Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

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As you can see in our database, there's a total of 720 cards available in Standard. Across all of these examined decks we saw 323 of them used - that's roughly 44.8% of the total card pool! But what sets are the most utilized? It's likely to be a smaller one simply due to the lower number of cards available, but let's take a look and see what we can find. Recently a Reddit user found that Blackrock Mountain was the most utilized set by percentage in Tier 1 of Tempo Storm's Meta Snapshot. But after doing our analysis, that's certainly not the case here. BRM may have very strong cards, but in such a large sample base, it becomes abundantly clear that the rest of the set is lacking because of that.

SetNumber of CardsPercentage of Set
Blackrock Mountain13/3141.93%
The Grand Tournament32/13224.24%
League of Explorers22/4548.89%
Whispers of the Old Gods68/13450.85%

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