The Opera has released and most seem to think it's another relatively easy wing to tackle on Heroic. Nonetheless we have prepared three decklists courtesy of some of the best Hearthstone players out there, some tips and information, and gameplay of us actually piloting one of the decks to victory!

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Hero: Julianne
Hero Power: True Love
Class: Mage/Paladin/Warrior/Priest/Rogue
Cards: Lowly Squire, Mirror Image, Lance Carrier, Selfless Hero, Pompous Thespian, Acolyte of Pain, Magnataur Alpha, Bloodhoof Brave, Sunwalker, Betrayal, Bilefin Tidehunter, Looming Presence, Temple Enforcer, Fierce Monkey, Lay on Hands
  • Julianne begins the match with 15 Armor and 15 Health.
  • Positioning is actually really important because of Magnetaur Alpha. You can easily lose games by having it get too much value.
  • It's not unreasonable to try and fatigue Julianne, but she won't take damage unless you end the turn with Romulo dead.
  • Julianne will not attack your Deathlord if it requires trading Romulos life to do so. Use this to your advantage!

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Hero: Big Bad Wolf
Hero Power: Trembling
Class: Hunter/Druid/Shaman
Cards: Power of the Wild, Dire Wolf Alpha, On the Hunt, Feral Spirit, Bloodfen Raptor, Swipe, Big Bad Claws, Huge Toad, Bite, Infested Wolf, Bestial Wrath, Pantry Spider, Stranglethorn Tiger
  • Big Bad Wolf starts with three Kindly Grandmothers on the field, 15 Armor, and 20 Health.
  • Since all of your minions are 1/1s, they need to have powerful effects.
  • Small health and attack buffs are crucial if you're going to regain board control.
  • The Wolf's hero power does not effect tokens spawned from minions like Nerubian Egg or those that transform like Druid of the Claw.
  • Make sure to have some Taunt minions handy, you never know when it will draw into a Stealthed minion or a weapon.

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Hero: The Crone
Hero Power: Twister
Class: Warlock/Druid/Paladin
Cards: Mounted Raptor, Flame Juggler, Abusive Sergeant, Mark of the Wild, Blessing of Kings, Druid of the Saber, Power of the Wild, Wolfrider, Worgen Infiltrator, Twisting Nether, Flying Monkey, Stonetusk Boar, Seal of Champions, Druid of the Claw
  • The Crone starts with 15 Armor and 50 Health.
  • You begin the match with a 0/10 minion - Dorothee.
  • Keeping her alive is pivotal, otherwise The Crone will kill you instantly with her hero power.
  • Since boss has no targeted removal, it makes sense to use Dorothee as the main threat in an Inner Fire Priest deck.
  • Minions to the right of Dorothee are given Taunt, those to the left get Charge.
  • Put big, healthy minions to the right and weaker or more pivotal minions to the left.
  • You must be aggressive! She has Twisting Nethers in her deck which will allow her to immediately kill you and you'll have zero chance to respond. She's guaranteed to draw it on Turn 8.