It's hard to believe that January has already come and gone. But here we are with one of Kolento's decks once again finishing among the top. Congrats to the creators of all the newer decks for being popular enough to make the top ten!

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DeckDust CostCreator
Kolento's Dragon Priest5,360 C9Kolento
Legendary Silence Combo Druid (by Blacktide)4,120 blacktide77
Face Hunter3,080 MidnightHS
Mech Mage *LOE*4,880 G3nXsiS
Cheap LOE Reno Lock1,340 Tonnahawk
Cheap LOE Grim Patron Warrior V 4.12,200 Tonnahawk
Murloc OTK?2,400 deritof
StrifeCro Mech Mage2,800 Strifecro
(Uploaded by williedills)
Naxxramas City ZOO!760 kornuletz
Murloc Paladin *Karazhan*5,520 G3nXsiS