See how the Arena has changed in China since Un'Goro launched.

When we were still releasing installments of our Chinese Meta Bulletin every week, we also included a section about Arena. While it detailed the obvious things like class popularity and win rate, it also highlighted the most popular Arena cards for each class. For the last month or so since Journey to Un'Goro released that list has remained entirely unchanged. Today, a new list has been released that shakes things up considerably.

Let's give you some context before jumping straight into the changes. Paladin, Mage, Priest, and Rogue are the most popular Arena classes. Druid, Warlock, and Warrior all have less than 3% of the total popularity meaning changes the most picked cards are more volatile.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Paladin Hunter Warlock Warrior
Rogue Priest Druid  
Mage Shaman    


  Class Popularity
1 Paladin 25.72%
2 Mage 23.10%
3 Priest 15.50%
4 Rogue 14.88%
5 Hunter 7.62%
6 Shaman 7.03%
7 Druid 2.73%
8 Warlock 1.92%
9 Warrior 1.50%


  Class Win Rate
1 Paladin 53.28%
2 Rogue 52.81%
3 Mage 51.68%
4 Hunter 47.00%
5 Priest 46.91%
6 Shaman 46.05%
7 Warlock 41.34%
8 Druid 40.80%
9 Warrior 33.39%


Most Popular Class Cards in Arena

Class Added Removed
Druid Starfall, Living Mana Verdant LongneckSwipe
Hunter Unleash the Hounds Crackling Razormaw
Mage Blizzard Firelands Portal
Paladin Vinecleaver Dinosize
Priest Potion of MadnessShadow Word: Death Radiant ElementalCrystalline Oracle
Rogue None None
Shaman None None
Warlock ShadowflameHellfire Feeding TimeTar Lurker
Warrior Fiery War AxeCleave Direhorn HatchlingOrnery Direhorn