Competitive Hearthstone is in somewhat of a rut following One Night In Karazhan. The top three classes are very far ahead of the rest of their counterparts resulting in somewhat of a stale meta. FalconePunch55 examines the current tournament meta in his latest video.

Even though there is variety among Shamans, with Aggro and Midrange versions, and Warriors, with their C'Thun, Dragon, Pirate, and One-Turn Kill archetypes, we're still seeing a lot of mirror matches at the moment. And the plethora of Druids means there's a ton of RNG injected into the scene with Yogg-Saron, Hope's End frequently deciding who wins and who loses.

But FalconePunch is hopeful that Paladins and Rogues are on the rise and we may very well see some more variety once players learn how to master these more complicated decks and fine tune them to play against what everyone else is bringing.