We've finally arrived at The Menagerie and that means a slew of new and powerful cards! But first we have to fix The Curator and help it get back some of the more troublesome minions Medivh had stored away.

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    Medivh has his own collection of exotic minions, tended to by the mechanical curator, but without his owner it's gone a bit mad. Click the spoiler tags to see all of the related uncollectible cards that you may encounter!

    The Curator - It's letting all of the creatures loose! Help fix his programming and he'll assist you in wrangling all of the escaped creatures before you move on.
    Nightbane - "Uncontrolled magic warped his mind."
    Terestian Illhoof - "Most dangerous exhibit. Approach with caution."
    Discuss this card.Discuss this card.Discuss this card.
    Discuss this card.Discuss this card.Discuss this card.

    Discuss this card.Discuss this card.

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    The Curator and Nightbane have a few special interactions this week!

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    As a reminder, you can upload decks built specifically for defeating adventure bosses! When editing the deck guide all you have to do is click "Choose Bosses" and then select the applicable boss!