The Menagerie comes with three more Heroic bosses that you'll need to take down should you want the Blue Portal card back. We've teamed up with the folks at HSReplay to get you detailed boss decklists and some cheaper winning decks for those of you which can't afford many of the bank breaking lineups out there. Those provided by HSReplay, marked by their descriptions, have replays available. Visit the individual deck pages for more information.

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Hero: Curator + 15 armor
Hero Power: Gallery Protection
Class: Mage/Shaman/Druid
Arcane Blast (2)
Arcane Missiles (2)
Dust Devil (2)
Enchanted Raven (2)
Lightning Bolt (2)
Murlocs Escaping! (2)
Master Swordsmith (2)
Power of the Wild (2)
Stampeding Beast! (2)
Demons Loose! (2)
Haywire Mech! (2)
Lightning Storm (2)
Raid Leader (2)
Zoobot (2)
Dragons Free! (2)
  • You can't trade into The Curator's minions, so you either want to go pure aggro or hard control.
  • Since a lot of its card summon random minions, there's a decent amount of RNG deciding if you'll win or not.
  • Spells can be helpful when trying to deal with early aggression.
  • Surviving is your first priority as The Curator usually runs out of steam pretty quickly.

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Hero: Nightbane + 15 armor.
Hero Power: Manastorm
Class: Shaman/Mage/Hunter
Ancestral Spirit (2)
Reincarnate (2)
Windfury (2)
Acolyte of Pain
Arcane Intellect (2)
Coldlight Oracle
Deadly Shot (2)
Kill Command (2)
Looming Presence (2)
Starving Buzzard (2)
Tundra Rhino (2)
Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale
Savannah Highmane (2)
Sylvanas Windrunner
Grotesque Dragonhawk
Giant Sand Worm
Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Nightbane really likes buffing his minions and casting spells on them, anything that bounces it back to his hand or silences them is inherently good.
  • Despite having all ten mana, Nightbane doesn't play a ton of large minions. If you do so, you can simply trade into his.
  • For those without a wallet, try bursty decks like Miracle Rogue.

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Hero: Terestian Illhoof
Hero Power: Dark Pact
Class: Warlock
Corruption (2)
Icky Imp (4)
Power Overwhelming (2)
Soulfire (2)
Voidwalker (2)
Demonfire (2)
Many Imps! (2)
Imp Gang Boss (2)
Shadow Volley (2)
Steal Life (2)
Summon Kil'rek
Voidcaller (2)
Doomguard (2)
  • Use the imps against Illhoof! If you steal them to your own side they still respawn and instead of doing damage to you they'll essentially do double the damage!
  • He doesn't have a ton of threatening minions, just deal with his board as best you can!
  • Lots of board wipes means lots of damage.

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