The Lich King wants to get into Hearthstone, one way or another.

The Lich King is coming to Hearthstone in next month's Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. While we're pretty confident Blizzard will be adding him to the game he's apparently tried taking things into his own hand by getting a job on the design team.

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The Lich King

Interview with the Lich King

Greetings Mortals.

I have arrived in your world to assert my dominion over the Hearthstone development team, but first I must get a “job” at Blizzard Entertainment.

The accursed Brode speaks of ‘qualifications’? Of ‘experience? I will show him a resume from the grave, and the true meaning of entrepreneurial!

I will master all mortal professions and prove myself lord not only of the Scourge, but of all “jobs”.

Soon he will learn that no one rules forever.