Hey Reddit, this is how you earn Galvadon.

Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro has been in card reveal season for a few weeks now and Hearthhead is proud to reveal a significant piece of the puzzle for all of the theorycrafters out there. The Paladin quest, The Last Kaleidosaur has been known by name for some time. Blizzard has been teasing it for weeks through Malone's Expedition Journal. Galvadon, its reward has also been fully revealed by Blizzard.

Today, we're glad to finally unveil exactly how Paladins will be acquiring the mystical Kaleidosaur.


To earn Galvadon, you'll need to cast a total of six spells on your minions. This must be done, of course, after The Last Kaleidosaur has been cast.

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Each class will be receiving one legendary Quest spell that rewards the player when certain criteria are met. Cards with the Quest keyword are always in your opening hand, but you can mulligan them away if you want.  For example, Priest's Awaken the Makers gives you an incredibly power legendary minion - Amara, Warden of Hope - once you've summoned seven Deathrattle minions.

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The minions of Un'Goro have learned to quickly Adapt to their surroundings and a new Hearthstone keyword has emerged as a result. When you play a minion with this effect, you'll effectively Discover three of ten possible adaptations. These vary from gaining other keywords like Taunt to straight up buffs.

+3 Health +1/+1
Stealth (Until your next turn) Poisonous
Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants +3 Attack
Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers Divine Shield
Windfury Taunt


So what kind of options will Paladin have to complete this quest? All of the cards from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers will no longer be available in Standard. The class is well known for having lots of cheap spells like Blessing of MightBlessing of Wisdom, and Divine Strength. This is certainly a good thing because you're going to need to cast seven spells just to satisfy the requirements. And while there may be some more solid spells such as Silvermoon Portal and Blessing of Kings out there, we're losing Seal of Champions and you're going to want to have a lot of ways to complete this quest.


As you can see, completing this quest certainly won't be easy unless you're actively building a deck to satisfy its conditions.

Do so, however, and you'll be amply rewarded.

Here's are some dream scenarios to consider. Keep in mind that the Stealth only lasts a single turn and you can, in fact, be presented with the same Adapt option more than once. Double Windfury doesn't actually effect the card at all, though, so make sure to choose new adaptations when possible.


Seems pretty good right? But throw Brann Bronzebeard onto the field and true monstrosities are created.

We spoke with Game Designer Dean Ayala at the HCT Winter Championship this weekend and asked him why our new friend doesn't function like Kazakus in that you can get presented with the same option multiple times.

"Basically the reason for that - especially for a card like Galvadon - you're just doing it so many times. If the same option didn't show up, it's basically just create whatever minion you want rather than having there be a little bit of variance there.

And I think, Adapt actually becomes a little bit less interesting when it's just, 'Oh hey, here's the best minion so I'm just going to create this every time.'

For the single Adapt options, it's obviously not a problem, but the thing about Adapt is it's supposed to be versatile. Maybe I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but you probably should be presented with something that resembles a defensive option, something that makes your minion a little bit stickier - whether that it's the Deathrattle, or can't be targeted, or Stealth.

So if you want to do any of those individual - I need to be defensive, or aggressive, or whatever - you're probably going to be able to pull it off even if the pool of choices is so small.

But it still should be a choice. It shouldn't be, 'Oh, I know exactly what minion I'm going to create every single time.'

And if we didn't double up that probably would be the case."