With 132 new cards on their way, undoubtedly some of us have saved up a heap of dust ready to craft a card we manage to miss in our first wave of packs. Oftentimes folks will tell you that you should be crafting the Epics and Rares that you need to complete decks, and that's ultimately a very valid point, but we're going to start things off with the Legendaries that look like they'll make the biggest waves.

Back to TopLegendary Minions - 1600 Dust

Back to Top Fjola Lightbane & Eydis Darkbane

It's a tough call at the moment whether or not you should craft these two twins off the bat. They're both low cost legendaries with good effects that are sure to fit in Tempo related decks. Aggro Paladin could see a pretty good buff as any sort of targeted spell will either give you a free trade with Divine Shield or three damage onto a random enemy. Both of those are great for decks that really need to keep the board rolling.

Back to Top Rhonin

Many think Rhonin is being underrated prior to release. While three copies of Arcane Missiles doesn't sound too great, it costs three less and does one more damage than Avenging Wrath. That with other combos such as Flamewaker and Archmage Antonidas means this could be an absolutely fantastic card. The seven attack that Rhonin has means it can't dodge Big Game Hunter, and strangely enough the higher attack is actually a significant nerf.

Back to Top Varian Wrynn

You could practically hear Control Warriors around the world rejoicing when Varian Wrynn was revealed. With a deck full of high cost minions, you're likely to get at least one or two free, large minions on the board. Even if you don't manage to draw into minions three cards is a tremendous advantage. Just like Rhonin, the fact that it can be taken out by Big Game Hunter is extremely important.

Personally, I'm most excited for Varian Wrynn out of all the new legendaries. He might seem broken, but on Turn 10 he brings Control Warriors a way of drawing cards, something the deck sometimes struggles with. And yes, you do forfeit any Battlecries attached to those cards. Regardless you're still getting an incredible amount of value for 10 mana, as you should with any card that costs your entire mana bar.

Back to TopEpic Cards - 400 Dust

Back to Top Mulch

Mulch is interesting in that it can remove any minion on your opponent's board. As more and more players attempt to dodge BGH at every turn, this is a good way for the Druid class to deal with problematic threats. Of course you're also basically giving them an Unstable Portal outside of the three mana discount. While it's possible to give them something better than what you removed, at the very least it gives you a way to survive the turn or push for more damage.

I'm not sure if this will become a staple removal card for Druids, but it certainly has a lot of potential.

Back to Top Elemental Destruction

Before I say anything about Elemental Destruction, we need to note that it does 4-5 damage to ALL minions. In a sense it's comparable to Flamestrike in that it can do one more damage for one more mana in total, but because it also hurts your own minions, it might not be run. This is an incredibly powerful card though and it's a way for Shaman to deal with slightly larger threats that come with some of the more aggressive decks. Oftentimes Lightning Storm would miss out on three health minions and doesn't have the possibility to take down a lot of the four health threats from Warlock. That considered, it's still a very powerful card for Shamans.

Back to Top Beneath the Grounds

I really, really like Beneath the Grounds, and I don't even play Rogue outside of Arena. While we don't know what the Ambush card does for the opponent, if it doesn't provide them a means of dealing with the crazy tempo swing you get with a "free" 4/4, this should be a great card. The first time your opponent draws one, you're basically breaking even, but after that it's a great amount of value.

Kripp evaluated the card under the pretenses of those Ambushes being Anub'ar Ambusher which would be fantastic as it would mean also filling their deck with junk cards. That said, I doubt that's what the card actually does because otherwise this might be a bit broken.

EDIT: "Beneath the Ground's Ambush is 'summon a 4/4 Nerubian for your opponent. Draw a card'." Still a great card.

Back to TopRare Cards - 100 Dust

Nice and cheap, I think it's safe to say the rare slot for The Grand Tournament is much stronger than the Epic offerings.

Back to Top Darnassus Aspirant

This is a big card for Druids. Though it doesn't draw you an Excess Mana, it's basically a Wild Growth with a 2/3 body attached. That's a very big difference in the early game. Yes, your opponent can remove it and cause you to lose that extra mana, but it also allows you to push your advantage a bit harder. It'll be interesting to see if it replaces Wild Growth at all, runs alongside it, or doesn't make the cut. All we know is that it's a very interesting mechanic that's a first for Hearthstone.

Back to Top Healing Wave

Any Shaman deck that sees competitive play will likely run Healing Wave. Though Healing Touch isn't run by Druids, the big difference is that you can gain up to 14 health. Gaining half of your health back for three mana is pretty crazy. Especially if we keep seeing Aggro be the norm, Midrange Shaman is certainly receiving a significant buff.

Back to Top Effigy

We've talked about Effigy before.
All that considered, I think it's easy to see Effigy taking the title of second most common secret, only to Mirror Entity, as far as universal play goes. The Recombobulator effect is certainly a good one, especially if you trigger it on a minion that costs five mana or more. Any less than three mana and you're technically losing out on value, so that's worth noting when considering adding it.

Back to Top Tuskarr Jouster

Assuming Tuskarr Jouster wins the joust when it is summoned, it's a much better version of Antique Healbot. You're trading off one less health being healed for +2/+2 in stats. Guardian of Kings gains one health and costs two more mana and that's a really big difference here. Out of all the cards we've highlighted thus far, this is probably the safest bet of being a great card (that isn't a legendary). Healing and a big body? A+ from us.