The Grand Tournament expansion has finally been released for Hearthstone! This expansion features 132 new collectible cards, the Inspire Keyword and the Joust mechanic!


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You can now open your Pre-Purchase Packs!

Also, the Grand Tournament Card Packs are now available for purchase with Gold! Each card pack costs 100 Gold and contains 5 new collectible TGT cards. You can also buy card packs with real money for the same prices as other packs. Just make sure you're buying the right set of packs before you hit the Buy button!

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21 The Grand Tournament cards have the Inspire Keyword. This effect will trigger whenever you use your hero power. From Legendary cards like Nexus-Champion Saraad to common cards such as Kvaldir Raider, if Inspire cards are left on the board for a long time, they can quickly become out of control. The full list of Inspire Cards are: