We've known since yesterday's reveal that the new Inspire keyword was going to bring a focus on Hero Powers, but today, Blizzard has announced a new card that does something we've never seen before: upgrade your Hero Ability.

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For a list of all of the Argent Tournament cards that have been revealed, go here. They're all available for inclusion in your theorycrafting and deckbuilding! We've also updated the new hero powers.
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Fueled by friendly competition and fun, the Grand Tournament is a marvelous event where the greatest heroes in the land put their mastery on display before adoring crowds. At the heart of every hero is a special something that gives them the power to rise above and achieve victory. Now those powers are poised to become even grander!

Today, we dive a little deeper into Hearthstone’s second expansion, The Grand Tournament, by taking a look at how cards from the upcoming set will interact with Hero Powers with the addition of our brand-new game mechanic and keyword—Inspire.

Hero Powers are the manifestation of heroic prowess and play a major role in The Grand Tournament. Many of the valiant minions who will be joining your cause with this expansion have a knack for meddling with Hero Powers, making some stronger, some weaker, and changing some around entirely! One minion even lets you use your Hero Power multiple times per turn!


Giants are a pretty regular sight in the Tavern—when they’re not on the board bringing the hurt, they enjoy quiet nights with friends by the hearth, just the same as you or I. The Grand Tournament introduces a new giant to the fray, one with a slightly frostier disposition. Don’t let his appearance fool you, though. Frost Giant may look like a cold character, but use your Hero Power enough and he’ll warm up to you quickly!


What’s better than a Hero Power? A BETTER Hero Power, of course! Justicar Trueheart will supercharge your classic Hero Powers to mighty new heights. Imagine blasting an enemy with Heal for four damage (with the aid of an Auchenai Soulpriest), or summoning exactly the totem you need, just when you need it, with Totemic Slam!



Hero Powers have always been a cornerstone of the Hearthstone experience. The Grand Tournament introduces exciting new ways to bolster and change them that will make Hero Powers more heroic than ever.

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Whirthun took to Twitter to explain some of the interactions that Justicar Trueheart involves. Since it is a Battlecry, it remains that way for the rest of the match, it can't be silenced away. It also has no effect on cards like Shadowform, Lord Jaraxxus, or the resulting Ragnaros from Majordomo Executus.

And it’s a battlecry, so no silencing. New hero power persists for the rest of the match @CM_Whirthun?
.@GISgamer Correct. Your Hero Power remains improved even after Justicar Trueheart is taken out.

@CM_Whirthun Will Justicar Trueheart affect non-standard Hero Powers (Shadowform, Jaraxxus, Ragnaros)?
.@lackofrealism Nope. Justicar Trueheart only affects standard Hero Powers.

We also got confirmation that Arena rewards will in fact be random with the pack selected out of either Classic, GvG, or Argent Tournament.

@CM_Whirthun @L4GZter @Daxxarri The choice of pack will only be available after the expansion? .___.
.@Ilauninha @L4GZter @Daxxarri It will not be a choice. Players will randomly be awarded a pack.

Clarification was provided on Totemic Slam as it will actually allow Shamans to summon the same one multiple times.

@CM_Whirthun @nasluc Can you summon a duplicate of a totem if you already have one of that type?
.@Yasherets @nasluc It is possible to summon a duplicate of a totem with Totemic Slam, yes.

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Also revealed today was Garrison Commander and Silver Hand Regent.

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