I'll be the first to admit that Effigy can sometimes be debilitating. With the increased number of Mage secrets since the release of vanilla Hearthstone, there are more and more considerations you need to make before making any moves. Is that secret Mirror Entity? Duplicate? Or maybe it's just a Freeze Mage with Ice Barrier.

Back when Effigy was first revealed, we broke down how we thought it would fare in the popular decks at the time. Ironically we thought we'd see very little of it in some of the more expensive control decks that were already heavy with secrets that stall the game out, but that's exactly where they've prospered. It simply hasn't proven to provide enough value in the more aggressive Tempo Mages of the world.

And why is it so good? Set it up correctly and it can oftentimes be an instant victory. Just watch these clips from Kibler's ladder climb this month.

He spoke briefly about his deck, which he calls Kibler's Fireworks Mage on his blog saying, "I built the deck incrementally over the course of my stream, and it was both pretty effective and a hell of a lot of fun."

Our Twitter followers tended to agree:

@Hearthhead @DisguisedToast @bmkibler @OhHiImLuca this is totally insane

@AlecSchmidt12 @Hearthhead @DisguisedToast @bmkibler Holy shit LOL that's gotta be best play I've ever seen, RNG too good!

While it's not the cheapest deck, about 7,000, there are certainly a ton of fun moments to be had. Kibler admits that it's not the most competitive deck as it's really hard to get out Malygos since Mage lacks many of the ways other classes can cheat him out. Things only get worse when you look at Rhonin who doesn't even pose a significant threat aside from his stats.

That said, there's a ton of shenanigans to be had. Feel free to give it a shot and let us know how it goes either here in the comments or over on our Brag Lounge.

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