"The Truth, Mostly the Truth and Honestly, the Best We Got"

Blizzard has released yet another teaser related to Gadgetzan. Last time it was a postcard, now it's the front page of a newspaper: The Gadgetzan Gazette!

Community members have noted that the door looks a lot like a card back and upon visiting the Talan's Bar link you'll be brought to a chat on Facebook with the official Hearthstone page where Talan himself will speak to you! If you talk to him long enough, he'll whip you up a concoction called which is accompanied by an image, these could be a new cards. Talk to him long enough and he'll begin to trust you and explain what's actually happening in Gadgetzan. Catch it all below!


The drink names are randomized, but here are the images we've come across.


If you said you were visiting because of the Skeleton, he instead sends this picture to you.

"Listen to me... Gadgetzan ain't what it looks like. We got all kindsa new businesses opening up, selling who knows what...I mean, this guy... a businessman!?"

"And the new manager at the bank? Uhh... I'm not sure how he's gonna handle our money...."

"But there's other stuff going on right out in the open and people don't even notice..."

"Look at that. Tell me what's going on there?"

"I'm thinking you might be perfect for an... opportunity coming up. Let's call it a little test. Just a few casual questions I use to, uh.....size a person up. See how they might best fit into, uh, operations around here."

At this point, Talan will present you with a few multiple choice questions with a chance to explain yourself. At the end, if you're found to be satisfactory he tells you, "Well.. I think I have all the information I need. You're.. well, you're not as useless as I thought. I have some people in mind who might want to meet you down the line. You gonna be around Gadgetzan for a while? Well, either way, I'll be able to find you. Like I said... with an opportunity. Of sorts. In the meantime, keep on the lookout for what's really going on around here, yeah? You might learn something. See ya."