Warlock continues to fall in both Standard and Wild. Is the class ultimately still too weak?

Welcome to the third HSReplay.net Hearthstone Trends report. This week we've split card and class data into their own separate posts to minimize the overload of information. In addition, we've made a few changes to how data is presented. Tables are now sorted by their popularity rank, rather than the change in their popularity. We hope to continue improving our reports with each and every release.

It can be hard to get a grasp on the trends in Hearthstone. For that, various sites like TempoStorm, ViciousSyndicate, and MetaStats exist so we can either hear what the pros have to say about what decks are out there to beat or see the data and draw conclusions from that. Data, in particular, can be very telling, especially when it comes to things changing over time. Our friends at HSReplay.net easily have the largest data set out there so we approached them about creating a Hearthstone Trends report each week that details which cards and classes are on their way in and which ones are moving towards the bottom.

Our sample size is two week's worth of data. Rather than just compare the numbers from today to that of last Friday, we've gathered all of the stats from August 17 - 23 and August 24 - 31.

It's worth noting that we've taken some steps to avoid skewing the data. What we're comparing are the number of unique decks the card is in/the class has in the given time period. It doesn't matter whether the deck has one or two copies of the card. This means that the report won't be biased against Legendaries.

That said, our dataset isn't perfect. It's obviously skewed by the fact that we only have data from players using Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

However, it's worth noting that we're currently only comparing trends among the top 20 cards as we had to draw the line somewhere for our first reports. That said, you'll notice more than 20 cards in some of these tables. Our method currently gathers the most popular cards from both weeks so sometimes there will be more than that due to cards moving in and out of the data set.

Here's a brief summary of what we'll be looking at:

  • Class Popularity Rates

    • Standard

    • Wild

    • Arena


Once again, we thank HSReplay.net for sharing their data with us. For more information, you can click on any of the card images or card names in the tables below. You'll find graphs for both the popularity and win-rate of the card over time, popular decks that it's played in, and more. For classes, we'll be sending you to the most popular decks for that class so you can see what Hearthstone Deck Tracker users are playing.

If you’d like to contribute your own games to these data sets, then check out the Hearthstone Deck Tracker, which you can download here: https://hsdecktracker.net/

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Druid now makes up more than a quarter of the Hearthstone population and it continues to rise faster than any other class. The next two most popular classes, Priest and Paladin, combined don't even make up that large of a chunk.

Rogue has fallen into last place even though Miracle Rogue historically does well against Jade Druid. Knights of the Frozen Throne's plethora of Taunt minions has really given the archetype problems and for now that has it locked into the spot as the least represented class. That said, Warlock looks to be in a race to the bottom once again, falling more than any other class this week. Is Gul'dan still not strong enough to compete with the big guns? Many had predicted Control Warlock to fall to the wayside and it has, but Zoolock and Handlock are at least somewhat in the meta this time around.

Time will tell as things continue to shift.

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Back to TopThree Largest Increases

25.67 -> 27.30 (+ 1.63%) 10.67 -> 11.65 (+ 0.98%) 10.45 -> 10.83 (+ 0.38%)



Back to TopThree Largest Decreases

7.48 -> 6.24 (- 1.24%) 14.79 -> 13.75 (- 1.04%) 9.41 -> 9.01 (- 0.40%)



Back to TopOverall Rankings

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Current Rank Class Previous Popularity Current Popularity Change in Popularity Change in Rank
1  DRUID 25.67 27.3 1.63 0
2  PRIEST 14.79 13.75 -1.04 0
3  PALADIN 10.67 11.65 0.98 0
4  MAGE 10.45 10.83 0.38 0
5  WARRIOR 9.41 9.01 -0.4 0
6  SHAMAN 8.26 7.97 -0.29 0
7  HUNTER 7.94 7.79 -0.15 0
8  WARLOCK 7.48 6.24 -1.24 0
9  ROGUE 5.27 5.41 0.14 0


Back to TopWild

In Wild, Paladin and Druid continue to gain popularity. At the very least, however, we're seeing a much healthier class balance with Priest only leading by about two percentage points.

Rogue stuggles here, just as in Standard with the usual Hunter and Warlock rounding out the bottom third of the class field.

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Two Largest Increases

10.78 -> 11.65 (+ 0.87%) 14.38 -> 15.03 (+ 0.65%)  



Back to TopThree Largest Decreases

9.48 -> 8.91 (- 0.57%) 8.43 -> 8.18 (- 0.25%) 11.64 -> 11.46 (- 0.18%)


Back to TopOverall Rankings

Current Rank Class Previous Popularity Current Popularity Change in Popularity Change in Rank
1  PRIEST 17.24 17.28 -0.04 0
2  DRUID 15.03 14.38 0.65 0
3  MAGE 12.19 12.36 -0.17 0
4  PALADIN 11.65 10.78 0.87 1
5  WARRIOR 11.46 11.64 -0.18 -1
6  SHAMAN 8.99 9.13 -0.14 1
7  WARLOCK 8.91 9.48 -0.57 -1
8  HUNTER 8.18 8.43 -0.25 0
9  ROGUE 6.3 6.47 -0.17 0



Back to TopArena

Last week we predicted that Druid would continue to rise in popularity and it has. It wasn't enough to bust into the top three spots, but it was significant nonetheless and could represent a shift in which three classes are considered the best to choose from. Right now that easily belongs to Mage and Paladin which both hover around 20% of the meta. We expect Druid to easily nab that spot from Priest next week as it continues its climb upward.

Each class is currently slotted into one of five tiers by popularity:

  1. Mage & Paladin
  2. Priest & Druid
  3. Rogue
  4. Hunter, Warlock, & Shaman
  5. Warrior

Back to TopTwo Largest Increases

10.78 -> 12.00 (+ 1.22%) 19.89 -> 20.00 (+ 0.11%)  



Back to TopThree Largest Decreases

20.64 -> 20.18 (- 0.46%) 12.86 -> 12.61 (- 0.25%) 7.21 -> 7.01 (- 0.20%)


Back to TopOverall Rankings

Current Rank Class Previous Popularity Current Popularity Change in Popularity Change in Rank
1  MAGE 20.64 20.18 -0.46 0
2  PALADIN 19.89 20 0.11 0
3  PRIEST 12.86 12.61 -0.25 0
4  DRUID 10.78 12 1.22 0
5  ROGUE 10.65 10.48 -0.17 0
6  HUNTER 7.55 7.47 -0.08 0
7  WARLOCK 7.27 7.23 -0.04 0
8  SHAMAN 7.21 7.01 -0.2 0
9  WARRIOR 3.11 2.98 -0.13 0



Thanks again to our friends at HSReplay.net. We urge you to go explore their website. They just recently added a few new features to their Premium subscription which only costs a few dollars per month for all of the in-depth info you need to step up your game.