Grab yourself one of the top Wild decks and get climbing!

Despite all of this focus on the Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl, Wild itself has its own defined meta that is explored monthly by the team over at WildHearthstone on Reddit. They've released their May 2017 Meta Tierlist for anyone who's looking to succeed in the ladder and we've gathered to top two tiers of decks for your perusal.

This wild snapshot has been put together by some Wild Expert players who consistently hit top legend in wild, and have a feel on the Meta and how it changes. They have consulted with other wild legend players and using their combined experience have constructed a tier list of which decks are doing the best in the current meta.

With all the talk going on in the Hearthstone community about Meta Reports, we would like to put out a brief disclaimer before continuing. We at /r/WildHearthstone have created this Meta Snapshot as a tool for those who are interested in the wild format and we have created it to the best of our abilities. Our tier list is based off of what we believe is the optimal version of each list. However, there are many ways to build a deck, and example decklists may not line up exactly with the archetype descriptions.

Tier 1

Back to TopWild Pirate Warrior - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Good old Pirate Warrior remains entirely unchanged by Journey to Un'Goro and yet still tops the charts. Guess that Ship's Cannon really would have been a problem with Patches the Pirate, huh?

Back to TopWild Renolock - Top Ladder Decks May 2017

It's always interesting to see what cards from the latest expansion end up making the Reno Jackson style decks. With only one copy of a card permitted, at least without risk, there's always room for it to get better and a ton of tech cards to consider. 

Journey to Un'Goro wasn't exactly a great set for Warlocks and that shows with only Bloodbloom making the cut.

Back to TopWild Egg Druid - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

We knew Living Mana would be a good boost for Egg Druid. It turns out that alone was enough to resurrect the archetype in Standard, but in Wild most are only running a single copy of the card. It's actually Fire Fly that's proven its worth, offering the player lots of small bodies to buff.

Tier 2

Back to TopWild Control Shaman - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Volcano has really helped this deck unshackle itself from the uncertainty of Elemental Destruction. While the latter might guarantee at least four damage to all minions, the possibility that your opponent's minion survives and you can't do anything the next turn was always a big concern. Now you can at least math out whether or not you could potentially have something to worry about.

Back to TopWild Reno Mage - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

This is easily the deck with the highest number of Un'Goro cards in it. ArcanologistPrimordial GlyphPyros, and Gluttonous Ooze all make the cut.

The Mage class cards in particular fit really well. Thinning out your deck is always a good thing, a random cost reduced Mage spell is generally a great thing, and the value that Pyros provides in Control matchups is immense.

Back to TopWild Aggro Shaman - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Unsurprisingly, Aggro Shaman remains essentially the same outside of a Golakka Crawler tech to help with Pirates.

Back to TopWild Control Warrior - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

It's no surprise that Control Warrior has fallen flat without Justicar Trueheart and many of the now Wild exclusive cards. But in the depths of that ladder the deck is still able to prosper alongside the new Direhorn Hatchling which helps in fatigue style matchups since it adds a card back into your deck.

Back to TopWild Flood Paladin - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

This is essentially a Silver Hand Recruit Paladin that focuses on buffing up your dudes.Lost in the Jungle is great to start off on the right foot with the usual Lightfused Stegodon and Sunkeeper Tarim to make your board truly formidable.

Outside of the Golakka Crawler tech, there's also a Stonehill Defender to help capitalize on Paladin's excellent Taunt minions.

Back to TopWild Midrange Shaman - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Midrange Shaman remains unchanged following Journey to Un'Goro.

Back to TopWild Freeze Mage - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Freeze Mage is also exactly the same as it was prior to the Un'Goro release.

Back to TopWild Secret Paladin - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

As we've seen on the Standard ladder, Spikeridged Steed stops many Aggro decks in their tracks.

Back to TopWild Malygos Shaman - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Volcano looks to be a staple of all Control Shaman decks going forward.

Back to TopWild Quest Rogue - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Now we get into the Journey to Un'Goro decks that didn't exist just a few months ago.

Cards like Gang Up not only give the deck more ammunition to spew once The Caverns Below has been completed, but it's also a chance at getting more copies of the same minion.

Target Dummy and Annoy-o-Tron are the only Wild minions that make an appearance. The former can very quickly complete the quest while the latter is a pain in the butt both before and after the quest goes off.

Back to TopWild Taunt Warrior - Best Ladder Decks May 2017

Fierce MonkeyUnstable GhoulSludge Belcher have been deemed good enough to run in the Wild version of Taunt Warrior. Because of the number of Deathrattles it's also appropriate to run N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

We also have to admit we like seeing Death's Bite again.

Once again, we'd like to thank the crew over at WildHearthstone for putting out this Meta Tierlist to begin with. If you're interested in more information on each of these decks or what makes up the remaining tiers, head on over to their post.