Spend your dust wisely with our Un'Goro crafting recommendations.

We're now more than a month removed from the Journey to Un'Goro release and it's safe to say that the meta has somewhat shaken out. It'll continue to change, yes, but we feel like we've reached a point where we can confidently say what cards from Un'Goro are good and which ones have missed the mark. We're frequently asked which Legendaries are worth spending a massive 1600 dust on and it seems like now is as good of a time as ever to tackle that question.

If you want to take a look back at our track record, we recommended Patches the Pirate and Kazakus as the only must craft Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards. Alongside them, we said that Aya Blackpaw and Kun the Forgotten King were good situational cards depending on what kind of decks you played. Sure we missed Finja, the Flying Star, but it took a few months before anyone realized the strength of the Water package. To a lesser extent, we also missed the importance of Shaku, the Collector in some Miracle Rogue decks, but outside of that only Wickerflame Burnbristle and White Eyes have proven to have any sort of popularity. The latter really only sees play in Control Shaman, a deck that isn't top tier, while the former is somewhat popular, but completely replaceable in many Paladin decks. And let's be fair, Paladin was nonexistent for the Gadgetzan meta.

Anyway, onto our Journey to Un'Goro evaluations.

Back to Top1) Sunkeeper Tarim

It's hard to imagine a Paladin deck without Sunkeeper Tarim at this point. The sheer amount of versatility that he offers is insane.

One troublesome enemy minion? Well, we can at least turn it into a 3/3. A full board of Jade Golems making your Silver Hand Murlocs seem puny? Not anymore. But it also has burst potential in that it can be used to buff your small tokens to push face damage.

If you're planning on playing Paladin at all, you really can't replace the value that comes with Tarim.

Back to Top2) Elise the Trailblazer

Elise is easily the most underrated legendary of this expansion. Priests, Mages, and Paladins have all started using it for some additional ammunition and while it seems easily replaceable, it's popularity alone makes us believe that she's the real deal.

Each pack contains at least an Epic with the same awesome chances for legendaries and other useful cards.

Back to Top3) Fire Plume's Heart

Unless you're playing Pirate Warrior, Taunt Warrior is really the only other way to go. Some continue to experiment with Dragon or Tempo Warrior, but for the vast majority of the community, these are the two major players on the field at the moment.

Unfortunately, this is a deck that really struggles without its Quest Legendary. You might think that it plays similarly to a Control Warrior, but without Sulfuras and the random eight damage that comes with it, you lose an entire win condition.

So if you have any plans to play Warrior and don't want to join the Pirate masses, you're going to need to craft this one.

Back to Top4) Lyra the Sunshard

Similarly to Tarim, Lyra is a very important part of most Priest decks at this point. A random Priest spell may not seem like much, but it's a great way to fill your hand with spells that might be useful. This is doubly so if you need the Shadow Word removals or Inner Fire and Divine Spirit to buff up the minions you have on the board.

Priest has very much shifted to a value game and Lyra is a great way to make sure that you have the spells in hand to do so.

Back to Top5) The Caverns Below

Just like Warrior, Rogues also heavily rely on their new Un'Goro quest. Without it, the Quest Rogue archetype that's very popular at the moment can't be utilized as this functions as the one and only win condition.

While we personally don't think this is a must craft - we're just not fans of Quest Rogue - anyone looking to get their money's worth should be actively trying to get this. The remainder of the decklist is tremendously cheap and crafting one Legendary to gain access to an entire archetype seems worth it to us.

Situational Runner Ups

Back to TopSherazin, Corpse Flower 

Though much less popular than The Caverns Below, Sherazin has become a staple for Miracle Rogue decklists.

Simply put, it's a pain in the butt.

It's really not all that hard for Rogues to play four cards in the same turn especially when combined with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to keep refilling their hand over and over. 

That said, Miracle Rogue is a high skill cap decklist and it isn't for everyone so we certainly wouldn't recommend it as a good craft for everyone.

Back to TopKalimos, Primal Lord

Elemental Shaman hasn't really stuck around in the weeks following Un'Goro's release. It started off strong as the only Elemental deck to land on its feet thanks in large part to Kalimos and the other Elemental class cards.

Sadly it has fallen off since then with Shaman ending up in the bottom tier of classes.

If you want to play Elemental Shaman, sure, craft it, but otherwise, it's probably a smart move to just save the dust.