Today we're taking a quick look back at the year that was Hearthstone in 2016.

The Year of the Kraken is almost behind us and it's been filled to the brim with Hearthstone updates, great Blizzard trailers, some fantastic animations, highlights, and more than a few choice cards. Today we're taking a quick look back at the year that was 2016.

Hearthstone Updates

  • The launch of Standard and Wild.
  • More deck slots!
  • Four new hero skins!
  • Two new expansions.
  • One new adventure.
  • Three new game boards.
  • The Welcome Bundle.
  • Two major balance patches.
  • First banned Arena cards.

Cinematic Trailers

Blizzard's cinematic team always knocks these out of the park so they remain one of the biggest highlights each and every year.

Wronchi Animations

Well known for his DOTA 2 Reporter series, Wronchi made his Hearthstone debut with Thrall v Rexxar: A Hearthstone Cartoon. They're incredibly funny and it even caught the attention of Blizzard who paid him to make a special promo episode for One Night In Karazhan.

Funniest Plays

Back to TopI'm Not Kolento

Back to TopKripp Has Some Serious Skill

Back to TopDay9 Meets Secret Mage

Moment starts five minutes into the video.

Back to TopNot The Army You Expected


Last week Hearthhead began highlighting its nominees for Card of the Year. If you missed any of those posts, you can find them below. We continue to survey pro players and streamers from the Hearthstone community and will be revealing a winner on Monday.