Get yourself a Hearthstone deck to climb the ladder with!

Each month we normally bring you a few of the best decks to climb Hearthstone's Ranked Ladder with. Thus far we've done so by seeing what pro players were succeeding with and what our staff has personally achieved good results with. This time around we are expanding our scope a bit. Rather than just posting links to our selected decklists, we have a recommendation for all nine classes and we've got the math to back up our selections courtesy of our friends at

We'll personally be offering a short description of the deck and why it's likely strong given the current meta. Alongside that, we'll have some basic statistics from HSReplay, but if you want in-depth stats including mulligan frequency, per card win-rate information, and information like that we also provide links to each of the decklists on their site.

Decks require at least 1000 recorded games in April to be listed.

Egg Druid - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

Egg Druid is easily the most competitively viable archetype for the class which has previously been dominated by Jade Druid. A Zoolike Aggro deck that focuses on building a large board of small minions before buffing them with Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild, Egg Druid has been strong throughout the past week or so.

Journey to Un'Goro really rejuvenated this archetype and brought it back out from the depths of Wild. Ravasaur Runt and Eggnapper are great at keeping minions on the board while Vicious Fledgling poses a significant threat.

The added Pirate tech Golakka Crawler also doubles as a relatively healthy minion for the cost.

Bittertide Hydra is the replacement for Fel Reaver which hasn't seen play since it rotated out in 2016, taking Aggro Druid with it.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 59.5% Average Match Duration: 4.8 minutes
Sample Size: 1,000 games Average Number of Turns: 6

For info on Egg Druid mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Midrange Hunter - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

That's right folks, Midrange Hunter has returned as a staple of the Hearthstone ladder. In our previous coverage, we've shown how strong of a card Jeweled Macaw is and even walked you through creating your own decklist.

Over the past few days, Hunter has emerged as one of the big three players. Quest Rogue and Taunt Warrior have proliferated the ladder and Hunter has secured its spot as something that does relatively well against both of those. Combined with the rising Freeze Mage, Midrange Hunter seems like it'll be sticking around for the immediate future.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 60.5% Average Match Duration: 5.2 minutes
Sample Size: 1,100 games Average Number of Turns: 7

For info on Midrange Hunter mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Secret Mage - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

Now is an appropriate time to specify that we did not take rank into account for these win-rates. We actively wanted to find decklists that would help the most players succeed on the ladder and that means taking into account more than just those games that took place at Rank 10 or above.

Though Secret Mage isn't all that uncommon, especially given the amount of experimenting going on, this is a very unconventional decklist.

Medivh, the Guardian is a strange inclusion, but a player actually made Rank 1 Legend with him in their decklist just yesterday.

The selection of secrets leads us to believe that this deck relies much more on tempo and less on control. Only one Ice Block makes the cut with the rest of them solely focused on board state or countering spells.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 59.4% Average Match Duration: 6.5 minutes
Sample Size: 1,700 games Average Number of Turns: 9

For info on Secret Mage mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Murloc Paladin - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

We're no longer surprised to see competitive Paladin decks and that's great news for all Hearthstone players.

While Murlocs seem to be a common inclusion in many Paladin decklists these days, this is a true Murloc Paladin through-and-through.

Gentle Megasaur has proven to be a clutch card with the +4 Attack adaptation offering a Bloodlust-like effect


Win-Rate (30 Days): 59.9% Average Match Duration: 5.9 minutes
Sample Size: 1,500 games Average Number of Turns: 7

For info on Murloc Paladin mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Miracle Priest - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

We weren't entirely sure what to label this Priest deck which we're tentatively calling Miracle Priest. It doesn't run Gadgetzan Auctioneer, but it does have a few Arcane Giants and a ton of spells to make them cheaper. This also synergizes incredibly well with Lyra the Sunshard.

We'd imagine this deck spends a large part of its early game simply playing cheap spells and minions before starting to outvalue and out-tempo its opponents. In that sense, it almost feels like a Midrange or Tempo Priest.

The Elise the Trailblazer inclusion, in particular, reminds us of this Un'Goro Tempo Warrior - Optilex's Legend Tempo Warrior Guide.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 56.0% Average Match Duration: 9.0 minutes
Sample Size: 3,100 games Average Number of Turns: 10.5

For info on Miracle Priest mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Miracle Rogue - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

Though most of the focus is currently on Quest Rogue and its pesky minions, Miracle Rogue continues to be the archetype that stands the test of time even without Conceal

There are multiple versions of the deck with Violet Teacher and Vilespine Slayer being the major pivot points. Some players prefer one over the other or both by cutting some of the less desirable cards.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower has really rejuvenated the archetype posing a problem for good once it hits the board, especially when combined with Gadgetzan Auctioneer.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 56.8% Average Match Duration: 7.0 minutes
Sample Size: 1,100 games Average Number of Turns: 8

For info on Miracle Rogue mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Elemental Shaman - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

The Elementals haven't really taken Hearthstone by storm (heh), at least to the extent that Blizzard was likely hoping for. Warlocks never saw even the slightest of experimentation while Mages have quickly turned away from our elemental overlords to return to Freeze or Exodia Mage.

And thus, Shamans are our only hope, but luckily they haven't let us down just yet. Unfortunately, they feel like the class that is the least set in stone. There's still a ton of discovery going on as players like Reynad continue to learn the feasibility of Aggro Shaman and other less obvious archetypes.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 59.0% Average Match Duration: 7.6 minutes
Sample Size: 4,800 games Average Number of Turns: 9.5

For info on Elemental Shaman mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Discardlock - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

Across all ranks, Discardlock is clearly the deck that remains the most consistent no matter what rank you're at. Some of the decks we've highlighted today have seen little to no play above Rank 10 but this is not one of those.

Unfortunately for F2P players, Clutchmother Zavas increases the arcane dust cost of this deck significantly. While it certainly isn't required, there's no putting a value price on being able to discard a card over and over. Not only does Zavas grow in strength, but you get to keep another card and a Malchezaar's Imp on the board lets you keep drawing more cards.


Win-Rate (30 Days): 57.5% Average Match Duration: 5.6 minutes
Sample Size: 11,000 games Average Number of Turns: 7.5

For info on Discardlock mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.


Pirate Warrior - Best Ladder Decks April 2017

Taunt Warrior might be all the buzz, but Pirate Warrior remains one of the most consistent ways to climb the ladder. Aggro has always been a hallmark of the lower ranks on the ladder and that'll likely continue to be the case.

There's not all that much different from this particular decklist outside of Molten Blade


Win-Rate (30 Days): 61.6% Average Match Duration: 4.6 minutes
Sample Size: 3,400 games Average Number of Turns: 6

For info on Pirate Warrior mulligans and more, head on over to HSReplay.