The arrival of new golden cards is always one of the most exciting parts of a new Hearthstone expansion or adventure. League of Explorers adds a total of 45 cards across four wings, providing you with the most cards for your investment. And while some are obviously better than others, there's no way to get your hands on the golden versions without spending dust to craft them. That said, here are six of our favorites, both good and somewhat laughable, but they easily stick out from the rest of the pack.

Back to Top6. Huge Toad

It may not be Mind Control Tech, but that poor little Gnome is not having a good time.

Back to Top5. Sacred Trial

Sacred Trial doesn't loop 100% correctly, but it's still a bit entrancing to watch. The pendulum swings back and forth, and back and forth, and...

Back to Top4. Ancient Shade

Ancient Shade wins a spot simply because the golden version looks so much better than the regular one. The pulsating energy between its hands, the vapors emanating off of its body, and you can't forget the glowing eyes.

Back to Top3. Entomb

If there was ever a card where we wished there was a longer animation it's this one. The bright light shining through the entrance only for the door to slam shut and debris come raining from above. Part of us likes to imagine it's now filling with sand, but due to the nature of the card, we're betting the minion is just being held captive until we open it again.

Back to Top2. Cursed Blade

For what this card lacks in actual usefulness, it certainly makes up for in looking pretty darn good. We would not want to go near that...

Back to Top1. Murloc Tinyfin

CRAFT IT. CRAFT IT NOW. And you thought it was cute in regular form! The hearts are too much!

What are your favorite golden cards from the new set? Let us know below!