More than 100 cards were welcomed to the tavern last week when the Old Gods finally made room for themselves at the table. We heard their whispers and knew they were coming, but even with that knowledge, it's still hard to fully take in all of the new content. Hearthhead has already highlighted some of our favorite flavor text entries from the set and this time around we're shifting the spotlight to golden animations, the cream of the crop, what many consider to be the best part of new cards being added.

Back to Top10. Validated Doomsayer

Back to Top9. Midnight Drake

Back to Top8. Usher of Souls

Back to Top7. On the Hunt

This grouping of cards, led by On the Hunt, is primarily featured because of how Blizzard improves upon the card's normal design with great use of visual effects. Without golden animations they're simply bland cards, but with the added benefit of parts in motion, atmospheric effect, and that twinkle in Validated Doomsayer's teeth, they really shine above the most average of Old Gods cards.

Back to Top6. Corrupted Seer

Back to Top5. DOOM!

Back to Top4. Fandral Staghelm

We feel like this trio stands above the last group in that the golden animations help to truly embody the scene that Blizzard is looking to paint. Corrupted Seer lies in the depths, corrupted by the power of the Old Gods, and swarming with putrefaction. In DOOM!, Yogg-Saron, Hope's End looms in the background, a soldier dwarfed by its presence. Surely one of the community's favorite golden cards, Fandral Staghelm emanates his immense power, glowing with intensity.

Back to Top3. Shadow Word: Horror

Back to Top2. Stormcrack

This one is a mix of two very different viewpoints. On one hand, we just really like seeing an endless stream of pesky Murlocs plunging to their doom. On the other, Stormcrack has way too much going on for us not to include it. Blizzard has publicly stated that each animation can only have three separate layers, and Stormcrack manages to blur those lines for us.

Back to Top1. Eternal Sentinel

We couldn't not choose Eternal Sentinel. In a way it is the Old Gods set embodied in a single card. Shaman? Check. Corrupted? Check. Lots of eyes/tentacles and uncomfortably creepy? That makes us three for three.

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