Feast your eyes on these beauties.

Golden cards in Hearthstone are rare. Most players either get lucky and find them in packs or set aside double the normal arcane dust just to add a copy to their collection. Since many don't have money just laying around or an abundance of time to earn enough for an entirely golden deck (let alone the whole collection) there are online databases like ours where you can check them all out. We've picked some of our favorites from the latest expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Picking the first four was quite easy. They're all leaps and bounds better than their non-golden version. Blizzard improves upon the card's normal design with great use of visual effects. Without golden animations, they still look good, but with the added benefit of parts in motion and a better sense of atmosphere they put themselves ahead of the rest of the field.



These three cards sport a combination of great effects, but they also really bolster the card's art through perspective. We really do wish Blizzard wasn't limited to only three unique pieces of animation per card because Bomb Squad is fantastic. We aren't biased at all, but it would be even better if there was some more movement in her upper half. Pint-Size Potion really shows that the ogre has been shrunken down which isn't necessarily 100% clear in the regular art and Potion of Polymorph leaves us imagining that sheep flying at us right after bring polymorphed.



Red Mana Wyrm is easily the most visually striking card in the entire set. The flowing red waves, the yellow sparkles, and contrasting blue-green background makes it all come together perfectly. Also, there's Patches, who is really gross once you see his golden animation.



I Know A Guy is our favorite because of the sheer amount of depth Blizzard manages to achieve in an essentially flat card image. Every time the fist comes out we're awestruck and it's proof that there's really a ton the developers can do in the future.


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