Hearthstone concept art for Un'Goro, Gadgetzan, and more.

Your first conscious thought about Rafael Zanchetin, though you were likely unaware of it, was probably when Purify was revealed. So many were quick to dismiss the card as utter garbage - to be fair, it was - at least until Journey to Un'Goro released. Despite the card's lack of strength, many were in love with the card art itself and that came from Rafael here. The Brazilian freelance artist has continued to work with Blizzard and has been one of the artists who embodies Hearthstone's art style. From Alley Armorsmith to the more recently released Open the Waygate, he is a perfect example of what we've come to associate with Blizzard's collectible card game.

Most of the Hearthstone community is familiar with the artwork that goes into creating the game because each and every card has its own high-quality art. What isn't as common, however, are behind the scenes looks at how that art comes to be. Each week we highlight some Hearthstone concept art from Blizzard's various artists. 

All of today's art is from Rafael's ArtStation page.

In this post you'll find art for:


Journey to Un'Goro








Mean Streets of Gadgetzan





One Night In Karazhan




Whispers of the Old Gods





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