A roundup of all the art we can find for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion!

Excited for Knights of the Frozen Throne? Us too. Card art is obviously a huge part of Hearthstone and that's true for every set. Each time around we like to round up all of the art we can find to give credit to the artists who work hard to bring these cards to life.

Below you'll see all of the art we've been able to find grouped by the artist who completed it. Feel free to bookmark this page, we'll be updating it over the next month or so leading up to the launch of the new expansion.

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New additions (7/24): Ticking Abomination(7/27): Bearshark.

To help with long loading times, we've turned each full art into a thumbnail which you can click on to view. Right click > Open in a New Tab for the best experience.

Back to TopJerry Mascho

Artist at Blizzard Entertainment - Created a lot of Hearthstone's game boards (Mean Streets, League of Explorers), card backs (BlizzCon 2015, HCT, Power Core), and a few cards (Vilefin InquisitorMoat Lurker).

Back to TopThrall, Deathseer

Back to TopKnights of the Frozen Throne Game Board

Back to TopMike Azevedo

Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator from Brazil, Mike frequently works with Riot Games to do splash arts for its many champions and skins. He's helped with a few of Hearthstone's cinematics and is behind Sunkeeper Tarim .

Bring It On!

Back to TopPaul Mafayon

Freelance Illustrator - Nesting RocSmall-Time BuccaneerPriest of the FeastFireguard Destroyer

Ghastly Conjurer

Back to TopEugene Dlinnov

Eugene is a Concept Artist from Moscow, Russia. This is his first published artwork for Hearthstone.

Archbishop Benedictus

Back to TopJim Nelson

Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist. We've previously highlighted all of Jim's Hearthstone related work.

Cobalt Scalebane


Back to TopKonstantin Turovec

Freelance CG Artist behind all of the Jade Golem art, the Kazakus Potion art, Volcanic PotionCrackling RazormawAmara, Warden of Hope, and more.

Ice Breaker

Back to TopArthur Gimaldinov

A CG Concept Artist, Arthur is behind: GalvadonCrystalweaverAncient of Blossoms, and more.

Prince Taldaram

Back to TopRafael Zanchetin

Rafael spends most of his time as a Concept Artist / Illustrator for Riot Games, but he's also been one of the most prominent artists in Hearthstone. Open the WaygateEmerald ReaverNaga CorsairAlley ArmorsmithPurify. The list goes on and on. He's been very involved since Whispers of the Old Gods.

Meat Wagon


Back to TopEric Braddock

A 3D Prop Artist at Blizzard, Eric's previous art includes Violet Illusionist and Dark Iron Skulker.

Young King Arthas

Back to TopMax Grecke

Max is a freelance illustrator based out of Sweden. In the past, he's worked on the One Night in Karazhan cinematic and Blackwater Pirate.



Back to TopMike Sass

Mike is an accomplished artist that has been in the video game industry for some time. He's created many pieces of art for Hearthstone including Twin Emperor Vek'lorJungle Moonkin, and Cat Trick.

Ticking Abomination


Back to TopIshmael Hoover

Ishmael is a Dungeon Artist at Blizzard Entertainment. He's behind Jade ShurikenMirror of Doom, and Firebloom Toxin.

Shallow Gravedigger

Back to TopVladimir Kafanov

Vladimir is a Concept Artist and Illustrator out of Moscow, Russia. This is his first time doing art for Hearthstone.

Prince Keleseth



Back to TopAnton Zemskov

Anton is another Artist out of Russia. He's done a lot of work for Hearthstone before including AlleycatFandral Staghelm, Fearsome Doomguard, and much more. 



Back to TopGeneric Frozen Thrones Art

Anything that has to do with Knights of the Frozen Throne but isn't card art can be found below.