Another weekly gathering of Hearthstone art has arrived!

We've covered a lot of Hearthstone art over the last few weeks. Those were veritable treasure troves of concept art and while they were great to explore, they're actually few and far between. Since Blizzard employs so many freelance artists, there are a ton of people out there who don't have such deep caches of card art. Today we're looking at AJ Nazzaro an Illustrator and Concept Artist out of Denver, Colorado who's also done work for Wizards of the Coast and Namco/Bandai. If you need one card to associate with them, it's probably Babbling Book.

But we're also highlighting some of their non-Hearthstone related work that's still related to Blizzard titles. This will likely become more necessary as we start to explore artists who don't have all of these concept pieces already available to the public. Instead, we'll opt to show some of their other artwork with a preference to other Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch.

Most of the Hearthstone community is familiar with the artwork that goes into creating the game because each and every card has its own high-quality art. What isn't as common, however, are behind the scenes looks at how that art comes to be. Each week we highlight some Hearthstone concept art from Blizzard's various artists. 

All of today's art is from AJ's ArtStation page or his Instagram account.

In this post you'll find art for:

Journey to Un'Goro




Mean Streets of Gadgetzan



One Night In Karazhan


Whispers of the Old Gods

League of Explorers

Non-Hearthstone Work



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