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This week is the 100th episode of The Angry Chicken Podcast and to celebrate, the Angry Chicken Crew interviews Ben Brode, Karma and Frodan to talk about the Grand Tournament!

Welcome to the 100th episode of The Angry Chicken! To celebrate this milestone Team 5's own Ben Brode joins the show to talk about The Grand Tournament's release and development, and also to pal around for the entire episode! The TAC crew were also joined by returning guests Karma and Frodan. It's a packed show and ends with many calls from you fine listeners.

Thank you all for your support of the show. It has been an insane ride so far for the three of us. We're looking forward to many more shows, and many more celebrations of all things Hearthstone.

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Some of the folks on Reddit took the time to sift through all of the questions Ben Brode answered and here are a key few you might be interested in hearing.
Did you have any idea Mysterious Challenger would be so strong?
A: It isn't easy to evaluate cards even with testing. Anytime there are "triggers" of cards like searching your deck for specific cards or drawing cards and playing them for free ("cheats mana:) it makes us more cautious. We try to create cards that shake things up and create new decks around this card which this does as well. It makes old cards like Repentence suddenly playable which hasn't been seen in forever. Is it worth the 10 mana turn if you play Repentance with Mysterious Challenger? I don't know.

What do you think is most undervalued cards right now?
A: I asked coworkers and the consensus was Bash and Holy Champion.

Patron Warrior is a top deck and you said it is something you are watching? How do you feel about it?
A: Patron is concerning but there is a cost to nerfing cards. It is hard to make a decision like this so soon after an expansion. Not only does it devalue your collection but it doesn't feel like a real card if you can change them so easily. Only want to take action when absolutely necessary. Mechwarper and Dr. Boom were called for early but taking a more conservative approach means acknowledging that is the cards have an identity and changing it might remove it.
By taking a more conservative appraoch , it puts the burden on players to deal with perceived broken cards means players look for a solution instead of always at Blizzard. Instead we want to provide tools like Kezan and Flare to deal with things like Secrets. Some things however are hard to balance like Spells or Charge so new cards like Ice Howl are made so it can't go to the face.

Arena players feel some classes are really not addressed in Arena from a balance perspective. How big is balancing Arena for you versus Constructed?
A: When new content comes out we want it to represent in the Arena. Because TGT represents a smaller percentage then say GvG, we increased the TGT drop rate so Arena feels more different with new content.
Rarity is a good way to balance cards in arena but also skew complexity in card packs. For instance, if Astral Communion was a Common it would be crazy in Arena and people wouldn't understand how to use it as much.
For some classes like Warrior, their hero power just isn't as impactful as Mage and while we can try to make better Warrior common cards that aspect won't change.
We also would love to see Arena Rewards matter more (in response to Dills comment). I think it would be great if golden cards showed up if you owned them like Hero Portraits do now but not sure if or when that is possible.