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On the latest episode of The Angry Chicken podcast, Garrett and Dills delve straight into the Grand Tournament Announcement including the new Inspire mechanic, the new Shaman cards and more!

On The Angry Chicken #95, since the girls took the show over last week, it's a testosterone take over! Garrett and Dills go it alone (but together) into The Grand Tournament announcement. 130+ new cards, a new mechanic called Inspire, what looks to be a Shaman revolution, and much more is discussed!

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Community Manager Whirthun has been answering many questions about Grand Tournament cards and the Inspire mechanic.

@CM_Whirthun Hi, SkyCap'n Kragg's text say "for each friendly Pirate" are they on board, in hand, or both ? Thx ^^
@CM_Whirthun Can tuskarr totemic summon 4 basic totem ?by hero power?? Or only collectable card pool like Recombob?
.@yaki50 Tuskarr Totemic can summon ANY totem. That includes both Hero Power Totems, and Totems like Mana Tide, Totem Golem, et cetera.
@CM_Whirthun Does Maiden of the Lake's effect last after she dies?
@CM_Whirthun I read that Inspire triggers before the hero power. If you play Heal on Coliseum Manager would you draw a card from Northshire?
.@DDssdffds Inspire triggers AFTER the Hero Power. Northshire Cleric draws you a card and then Coliseum Manager goes back into your hand.
@CM_Whirthun @DDssdffds What happens when you ping the Coliseum Manager to 0 life? Does it die or return to your hand?(Just for BM purposes)
.@Gidejong @DDssdffds Coliseum Manager dies, as the Hero Power activates before the Inspire effect.
Since numerous people have asked: Cards affected by Wilfred Fizzlebang remain zero mana even after he dies.

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Yesterday, voting started for one of two legendary Grand Tournament cards. However, if enough people sent a tweet using the hashtag #TGTLegendary, both cards will be revealed!

We're currently over 50% of the way there, so keep tweeting using the hashtag so we can see both these legendary cards!

You're more than 50% of the way toward revealing TWO legendary cards! #TGTLegendary