On the newest episode of The Angry Chicken, the crew is blown away by Hearthstone's latest milestone of hitting 30 million players. Also discussed this week is the Hearthstone card back mount coming to Heroes of the Storm, the other cross-game items we will be seeing soon, the Challengestone tournament, Flamewaker Tempo Mage strategy, and listeners emails/crazy game stories. This week's episode has some stronger language than usual, so just be warned if you've grown accustomed to the usual PG-13 nature of the show.

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On The Angry Chicken episode 82, Hearthstone has reached 30 million players! Also this week we learned that Heroes of the Storm was bringing a ton of cross-game loot including a new card back to Hearthstone, the crazy new Challengestone tournament took place over the weekend, the crew talks Flamewaker Tempo Mage, and as always there's plenty of listeners submissions!

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