On the latest episode of The Angry Chicken, the crew talks Blackrock Mountain as a whole and how their experience has been with Hearthstone's second Adventure. There was also talk of the recent Ladder Marathon event, Team Archon's leaked $250,000 tournament, analysis of why Dragon Paladin seems to be struggling, and plenty of community input as well.

If you are looking to conquer Blackrock Mountain's final wing, The Hidden Laboratory, check out Hearthhead's latest guide!
On The Angry Chicken episode 81, the final wing of Blackrock Mountain has been released! We now have access to all of the new cards. Also discussed this week was the Play it Cool Ladder Marathon, Archon's leaked $250,000 tournament, the TAC crew troubleshoots the issues with Dragon Paladin, Andrew shares his crazy game story, and plenty of emails!

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