This week the Angry Chicken crew reviews the new Goblins vs Gnomes Hunter cards and talks the grind of the ranked ladder, information from Activision Blizzard's earnings report, the shifting meta and the rise of Oil Rogue, and the honest Hearthstone trailer.

On The Angry Chicken episode 66, the ladder is crushing but Jocelyn and Garrett but they aren't out yet. Activision Blizzard's latest earnings report confirms what we all assumed, Hearthstone is bringing in some serious coin. Also this week Reynad won his first constructed tournament, Firebat tore the ladder up with a new Mech Shaman deck, the Honest Hearthstone trailer busted some guts, Garrett and Jocelyn talked the new Hunter GvG cards, and Steve, Brian, and Bolladore all wrote in to share their thoughts and stories.

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