This week the Angry Chicken crew reviews the new Goblins vs Gnomes Warrior cards, discusses some fatigue with grinding out high levels in Ranked Play mode, and the success of their Orlando Fireside Gathering. Garrett and Jocelyn also recorded live at the Fireside gathering, and that video is second below, where they did a Q&A episode. Also check out the news of the Undertaker nerf and hints at a Lunar New Years event!

On The Angry Chicken #63 Garrett, Dills, and Jocelyn review the GvG Warrior cards. While Shieldmaiden is really the only new Warrior card being used in Ranked play (and was horribly underrated by all three of us earlier), the other seven new-comers add some interesting choices to Arena. Dills also discusses his fatigue with Hearthstone's Ranked ladder system.

Garrett had his first Fireside Gathering this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. He and Jocelyn recorded a live Q&A episode of TAC from the venue. Many Hearthstone players and TAC fans showed up and had much to say on the topic of Hearthstone! Enjoy that recording as well on the latter half of this episode.

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