This week The Angry Chicken has special guest Brian Kibler on to talk about Goblins vs Gnomes, the old WoW TCG, Mech Mage, and more! They also do their review of the GvG Priest cards, and talk about the Good Gaming Tournament issues.

On The Angry Chicken this week, Brian Kibler of guest hosts with Garrett and Dills. Brian talked about his experience so far with Goblins vs Gnomes, his games against Darkwonyx in the ESL Legendary Series, Fel Reavers, Mech Mage, and more! All of the GvG Priest cards were also reviewed this week, spoiler alert: everyone loves Vol'jin. There were also many emails concerning the Good Gaming Tournament that turned out to be one of the biggest messes in tournament management the Hearthstone world has seen in awhile.

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