Goblins vs Gnomes has launched, and the Angry Chicken crew dives in to the pile of mechanized robots, shredders, and explosive inventions! ...Sounds dangerous. They discuss the server issues that GvG has had during launch and begin reviewing cards with the new neutral legendaries!

On The Angry Chicken episode 57, Goblins and Gnomes are each other's throats with wildly unstable machinery and Hearthstone has never been more exciting! GvG has brought with it over 120 new cards, a larger card-pool for Arena drafts, Spectator Mode, free card packs, Hearthstone's first prerelease event, and plenty of explosions. The TAC crew discuss all of this as well as the 11 new Neutral Legendaries.

Go vote for which will be the first GvG class-cards reviewed on next week's episode here: tinyurl.com/tac58

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