This week the Angry Chicken trio reunites to discuss the flurry of card reveals, the new Spare Parts mechanic, Blizzard's internal messages on how they expected success with Hearthstone, Firebat's World Champ Druid, and more!
Also be sure to check out our Goblins vs Gnomes Expansion Guide for complete details on all revealed cards and answers from Blizzard about new card questions!
On The Angry Chicken episode 55, Goblins vs Gnomes cards continue to be previewed at a rapid pace. The TAC crew takes a look at five of these new cards and how Spare Parts work into Hearthstone's first expansion. Also this week, Polygon posted a great email from Dustin Browder to Eric Dodds during Hearthstone's development, Dills taught us how to play Druid like Firebat, listener Andrew had one hell of a crazy game, and more emails about Arena rewards post-GvG launch than you can handle!

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