In the latest episode of The Angry Chicken Garrett and Jocelyn discuss the American Regional Finals for the Hearthstone World Championship (which will be culminating at BlizzCon 2014!), October's new card back, the Naxx game board being added to the standard board rotation, and lessons learned of competitive card games in general.

On The Angry Chicken this week, the Hearthstone World Championship is only getting better as the Americas qualifiers in New York have just wrapped up and sent four more players on to compete in California. StrifeCro versus Stunner was a Priest on Priest mirror match-up that will not soon be forgotten.

Blizzard also revealed October's spooktacular card back, the Naxx game board is now in the Ranked Play rotation, Garrett talked about what competitive card game lessons he learned at his first Magic Grand Prix, and there were some stellar emails this week!

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