In the latest episode of The Angry Chicken the trio announces the Hearthstone coin giveaway winners and discuss some info gleaned from the Mike Donais interview, Hearthstone's Unity awards, recent tournaments, and the final set of Naxxramas cards and their effect on the meta.

If their discussion of the third card set whet your appetite also check out Garrett's full Frostwyrm Lair review!

This week on The Angry Chicken the winners of the Hearthstone coin giveaway are announced, Mike Donais dropped a few new nuggets of info on the next card expansion, the Sunshine Open was awesome, and Hearthstone won big at Unite 2014. The fifth and final Naxxramas wing opened as well. The TAC crew wraps up five weeks of set reviews with the Frostwyrm Lair. If you would like to submit a story, question, or anything else to the show you can do so to

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